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1937 Huddersfield Directory
This page is part of an ongoing project to digitise the entire 1937 Huddersfield County Borough Directory.
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I am glad to have the opportunity of welcoming the issue of a new Huddersfield Directory — for an up-to-date Directory for the town is long overdue — and I would congratulate the publishers of this one on their enterprise.

Of recent years their have been many changes in Huddersfield, new businesses have been attracted to the town, there has been a rapid growth of social and industrial activities and many new housing estates have been established.

For those engaged in business or one of the professions, a comprehensive and accurate directory is a necessity, and I feel sure, knowing as I do that great care has been devoted to the publication of this volume, that it will fulfil with efficiency that need.

Town Hall,

Contents of the 1937 Directory

1937 Directory:Foreword

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