1937 Directory:Cross Church Street

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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Cross Church Street

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
1a unoccupied
Huddersfield Industrial Soc., Ltd. Beef and Pork Butchering Branch
5 Ben Kaye Ramsden's Arms
7 Mantles Chilton Gowns, Millinery, Furs, &c.
9 Laycock's Gent's Outfitters
11 Albert Atkinson Wholesale and Retail Confectioner
13 C. Booth & Sons. Sheffield House Cutlers and Tool Experts
15 Public Benefit Boot Co., Ltd. Boot and Shoe Dealers
17 Huddersfield Mantle Co. Costumiers
19 Lennards, Ltd. Boot and Shoe Dealers, Hosiery and Foot Appliance Specialists
21 Barry's Gent's Tailors
23 Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Ltd. Boot and Shoe Dealers
25 Meadow Dairy Co., Ltd. Grocers and Provision Merchants
27 Bellarby, Wardle, Ltd. Confectioners
29 Weaver to Wearer, Ltd. Gent's Tailors
31 Cash Clothing Co. G. & A. & M. Levy, Gent's Tailors and Outfitters
Hartley & Tee C. W. Jones, Butchers
2 Wallpaper Stores, Ltd. Wall Paper Merchants
4 Burton's Stores Grocers, Wine & Spirit Dealers
8/10 Golden's Ironmongers, Fireplace and Wall and Floor Tile Contractors, &c.
12 Beever's Art Needlework Depot M. Beevers
14 Price's Mantle Co. Costumiers
16 Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. Sewing Machine Manufacturers
18 Philip Dyson & Co. Radio and Electrical Engineers & Cycle Dealers
20 Thomas Atkinson & Sons Pork Purveyors and Pastry Cooks
22 Benton Taylor Outfitter, Ladies' and Gent's Tailor
24 William Timpson, Ltd. Boot and Shoe Dealers
26 Abraham Altham, Ltd. Tea Merchants and Travel Agency
here is White Lion Yard
26a O. S. Wain Gent's Outfitter
28 James Curran White Lion Hotel
The Yorkshire Fish and Fruit Supplies Fish and Fruit Dealers
30 Evelyn W. Parkinson Sun Inn
here is Queen's Head Yard
34 Seth Senior & Sons, Ltd. Brewers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Order Office
36 Firth, Wadsworth & Son Sun Chambers Auctioneers & Valuers
38/40 The Yorkshire Warehouse Co. General Drapers & Outfitters
here is Dobson's Yard
42 Milletts Stores (1928) Ltd. Government Contractors, Clothing and Camp Equipment
44 The London & Paris Emporium Milliners & Fancy Drapers

Adjoining Streets

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