1937 Directory:County Magistrates for the Huddersfield District

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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County Magistrates for the Huddersfield District.

The Magistrates sit in Petty Sessions at Huddersfield every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m.

Petty Sessions will be held at the West Riding Court House, Princess Street, Huddersfield, every Tuesday and Thursday, for the Huddersfield Sub-Division of Upper Agbrigg, and on any other day that may be found necessary for General Business, and every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) for the purpose of hearing indictable offences summarily in pursuance of 42 and 43 Viet. c. 49 and 4 and 5 Geo. V. c. 58, at the hour of Eleven in the forenoon.

The following arrangements for Business have been made, and will be strictly adhered to :—

Attendance will be given at the Justices’ Clerk’s Office, at the West Riding Court, Princess Street, Huddersfield, every Tuesday and Thursday at Ten a.m., to prepare Information, Summonses and Warrants, and to attend to other Magisterial Business. All Public Officers, Constables and other persons requiring Summonses or warrants, must be there punctually at that hour, otherwise their business cannot be attended to, as matters for Signature or Hearing must be ready by Eleven o’clock.

Clerk to the Magistrates :

Thomas Smailes, Solicitor, 25, Market Place, Huddersfield (Tel. 37).

Ex-officio Magistrates :

Chairmen of District Councils.

Arthur Lockwood, Esq. (Chairman), Laurel Bank, Golcar (1906).

Thomas Mallinson, Esq., Otley Road, Harrogate (1894).

Major Thomas Brooke, Healey House, Netherton (1905).

Edward Crossley Waterhouse, Esq., Holly Bank, Lindley, Huddersfield (1910).

Ernest Woodhead, Esq., Langdale, Gledholt, Huddersfield (1910).

Allen Gee, Esq., O.B.E., Bleak House, Oakes Road South, Quarmby, Huddersfield (1912).

Harry Dawson, Esq., Birkby Grange, Huddersfield (1915).

Herbert Firth, Esq., Wood Lea, Shepley (1918).

Thomas Bond Watkinson, Esq., Little Danehurst, Hordle, Lymington, Hants. (1918).

Harris Hoyle, Esq., 78, Carr Street, Marsh, Huddersfield (1919).

Joe Pogson, Esq., The Beeches, Slaithwaite (1919).

John William Freer, Esq., Chestnut Cottage, Westgate, Rillington, nr. Malton (1920).

Sir John Sykes Quarmby, Kt., Stocksmoor, Thurstonland (1921).

Wilkinson Lockwood, Esq., Cragside, Milnsbridge, nr. Huddersfield (1923).

George Thompson Oldham, Esq., Northgate House, Honley (1924).

David James Bailey, Esq., Holly Bank, Golcar, nr. Huddersfield (1928).

Edgar Wood Crabtree, Esq., Riversdale, Linthwaite, nr. Hudd. (1928).

Mrs. Emily Haigh, High Cross House, Kirkburton, nr. Huddersfield (1928).

John Moorhouse, Esq., Mount Pleasant Farm, Marsden, nr. Hudd. (1928).

Joe Stancliffe, Esq., Cockley Hill, Kirkheaton, nr. Huddersfield (1928).

Thomas William Hirst, Esq., Meltham Mills, Meltham, nr. Hudd. (1930).

James Lodge, Esq., 196, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge, nr Hudd. (1930).

Miss Sarah Ellen Oldham, The Stubbings, Netherton, nr. Hudd. (1930).

Thomas Edward Dickinson, Esq., Moor House, Famley Tyas, nr. Huddersfield (1930).

Percy Crowther, Esq., The Bungalow, Golcar, nr. Huddersfield (1932).

James Cotton, Esq., Hawarden House, Slaithwaite, nr. Huddersfield (1932).

John Bagley, Esq., East Lea, Marsden, nr. Huddersfield (1932).

Richard Chappell, Esq., M.B.E., 20, Station Road, Golcar, nr. Huddersfield (1933).

Mrs. Amy Rhodes, Elm Croft, Tandem, Kirkheaton, nr. Hudd. (1933).

Henry James Hirst, Esq., Ash Cottage, Wilshaw, Meltham, nr. Hudd. (1935).

Fred Priestley, Esq., Crafnant, Lower Lepton, nr. Huddersfield (1935).

Robert Jaggar, Esq., Carr House, Shelley, nr. Huddersfield (1935).

Frank Firth, Esq., Mansergh House, Slaithwaite, nr. Huddersfield (1936).

Mrs. Kate Haigh, Bank View, Slaithwaite, nr. Huddersfield (1936).

Willie Kippax, Esq., "Braecroft," 61, Holmfirth Road, Meltham, nr. Huddersfield (1936).

Magistrates Sitting at Holmfirth

The Magistrates sit in Petty Sessions at Holmfirth every alternate Saturday at 10-30 a.m.

Attendance will be given at the Police Station, Holmfirth, every Wednesday, at 4-30 p.m., to fill up Informations and Summonses and to attend to other Magisterial business, and all persons having business to transact must be there punctually at that hour.

Clerk to the Magistrates :

Thomas Smailes, Solicitor, 25, Market Place, Huddersfield (Tel. 37).

Ex-officio Magistrates :

Chairman Holmfirth U.D.C.
Chairman New Mill U.D.C.
Chairman Holme U.D.C.

Chas. Edwd. Butterworth, Esq. (Chairman), Binn Villa, Holmfirth (1912).

John Hinchliffe, Esq., Oaklands, Thongsbridge (1899).

Col. Robert Ramsden Mellor, C.B.E., T.D., Cliftonville, Holmfirth (1920).

Joseph Edward Woodhead, Esq., Newlands, Thongsbridge, nr. Hudd. (1920).

Col. Keith Sykes, M.C., T.D., Woodville, Thongsbridge, nr. Hudd. (1923).

Major Brian Tinker, Meal Hill, Hepworth, nr. Huddersfield (1928).

Jabez Hoyle, Esq., 17, Co-operative Terrace, Wooldale, Thongsbridge, nr. Huddersfield (1932).

Mrs. S. M. F. Roberts, Spring Bank, Holmfirth (1932).

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