1937 Directory:Colne Road

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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Colne Road

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
1 Frederick Riley
3 Fred Greaves
5 Mary Siswick
7 M. L. Scholes The Rose Inn
9 Lewis Milnes
11 Lily Jackson
11a John Lindsay
J. Lumb & Sons, Ltd. Britannia Mills Worsted Yarn Spinners
Colne Mills on Colne Road
John Taylors, Ltd. Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers
Bates & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd. Yarn Spinners
Aspinall Bros. Commission Yarn Spinners
here is Queen Street South
15 L. Sykes Off Licence, Sweets & Tobacco
17 Joseph Lee
19 Annie Ainley
21 M. G. Stimson Sweets, Confectionery and Tobacco
23 Ernest Norman Schofield
25 Agnes Dodson
27 Martin McIntyre
Horsfall's Yard off Colne Road
29 James Vickers
31 Ernest Fox Render
33 Stanley Haigh
Herbert Hall Coach Builder and Painter
35 Joseph Swan
35a Arthur Render
37 James Lecomber
39 Albert Hall
41 Selina Belbin
43 George Taylor
45 H. Cocking
47 Percy Armitage
C. Haworth & Son Sheet Metal Workers
A. Walls Radio Engineer
49 Rawson Calvert
51 Frank Murray
53 J. H. Haigh Baker & Confectioner
53a The Reliance Welding Co. Electric and Oxy-Acetylene Engineers
55 E. & B. Hughes Post Office Sub-Post Office, Sweets and Confectionery
57 A. W. Farrand Fish and Chips
The Eldon Combing Co., Ltd. Wool Combers and Top Makers
T. Wadsworth Organ Builder
W. H. Robinson, Ltd. Metal & Machinery Merchants
Elcar Electric Co. Electrical Engineers
4 William Henry Sowerbutts
Hirst & Hutchinson Automobile Engineers
6 Henry Brook & Co., Ltd. Iron Founders and Structural Engineers
8 Maggie Sykes
Hutchinson, Hollingworth & Co., Ltd. Atlas Works Loom Makers
18 John Walsh Sweets & Tobacco
J. Charlesworth Textile Machine Maker (Foundry)
L. Sykes Monumental Mason
here is Footbridge leading to Whitehead Lane
J. W. Driver & Co., Ltd. Union Mills Pile Fabric Manufrs.
James Haigh, Ltd. Globe Works Dyers and Finishers
Hanson, Dale & Co., Ltd. The Leadworks Lead Rolling Mill
The Huddersfield Ice and Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
H. B. Barlow & Hooknell, Ltd. King's Bridge Mill Wire Heald Manufacturers
W. S. Westin Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
20 H. Booth Bridge Inn

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