1937 Directory:Colne Bridge Road, Bradley

1937 Huddersfield Directory
This page was part of a project to digitise the 1937 Huddersfield County Borough Directory. The entire directory can now be read and searched online.

Colne Bridge Road, Bradley

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
1 James Brook Confectioner, Tobacconist, &c.
3 Stanley Addy Boot Maker and Repairer
5 James Hirons
7 Stanley Addy
9 Louisa Beaumont
11 William Riley
13 Mary Ledgard
15 Cyril Sheard
17 Samuel Brook Leatham
19 Bradley and Colne Bridge Working Men's Club and Institute Caretaker: J. A. Hey
L. B. Holliday & Co., Ltd. Cricket Club Ground
49 David Sharp
51 Mary Ann Buckley
55 Thomas Derham
Colne Bridge Mills on Colne Bridge Road, Bradley
Harry Mellor & Co., Ltd. Woollen & Worsted Manufacturers
Boothroyd Rugs, Ltd. Rug Manufacturers
Whitham & Co. Woollen Manufacturers
2 Rev. Chas. Edward Diggle (M.A.) The Vicarage
Colne Bridge House on Colne Bridge Road, Bradley
James Edward Hill Lodge
William Preston
Charles Cramer
8 George Edward Osborne
10 Sarah Elizabeth Mitton
12 Henry Herrick
14 Norman Beaumont
16 Fred Farnsworth
28 John Wood
30 Harry Holster
36 Lewis Brooke Pollard
38 Henry Robert Duley
40 Herbert Stanley Jackson
42 Henry Carey
44 George Carpenter