1937 Directory:Cloth Hall Street

1937 Huddersfield Directory
This page was part of a project to digitise the 1937 Huddersfield County Borough Directory. The entire directory can now be read and searched online.

Cloth Hall Street

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
1/5 The Fifty Shilling Tailors Ladies' and Gent's Tailors
3 Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd.
7 A. E. Washington Hatter, Hosier and Shirtmaker
9 Rita Gown Specialist, &c.
9a Walker & Aldridge Saddlers and Leather Goods Makers
11 Abbey & Hanson Architects, Land Surveyors and Valuers
11 Permanent Supply Co. Representative: G. Dickens
11 G. K. Brierly & Co. Stock and Share Brokers
13 W. H. Dawkins Jeweller and Silversmith
13a Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. Sewing Machine Manufacturers.
Vance's Chambers off Cloth Hall Street
15 Miss Reeve Ladies' Hairdresser
17 Arthur Millwood (D.O.) Osteopath
21 Yorkshire Post Branch Office
22 Walter Shaw Wool Merchant
23 Edwin Dawson & Son Wool & Waste Merchants
24 Thomas R. Ineson Incorporated Accountant
24a Gilbert & Co. Smallware Merchants
25 H. & S. Butterworth Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers (of Yew Tree Mills)
17 George Hall, Ltd. Drapery, Linen, &c., Depts.
King's Head Arcade off Cloth Hall Street
1 Netherwood, Dalton & Co., Ltd. Printers, &c., of Caxton Works, Bradley Mills Road
3 Miss Margaret Horne Ladies' Hairdresser
5 Cliffe Sweets, &c.
7 M. Sanderson Underwear Specialist
Cloth Hall Branch Post Office
2 Beacon Bakery Bakers and Confectioners
4 L. Chillingsworth Radio and Musical Instrument Dealer
6 Alice Hales Milliner, &c.
8 Parisian Pleating Co. (Branch Office) Pleating, Stitching, &c, Specialists
10 Harold Hallas Pork Butcher
12 unoccupied
King's Head Yard off Cloth Hall Street
G. H. Drake Tailor and Costumier
Arthur Wylde Tea & Coffee Merchant
William Willans & Co. Wool Merchants (Warehouse)
19 A. Mair, Ltd. Fine Art Dealer
King's Head Buildings off Cloth Hall Street
1 Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd.
1 London Guarantee & Accident Co., Ltd.
2 Provincial Insurance Co., Ltd. Drapers' & General Insurance Co., Ltd.
3 Fine Art & General Insurance Co., Ltd.
4 Ellam's Duplicator Co., Ltd. Duplicator Manufacturers and Supplies
5 unoccupied
6 National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Co., Ltd.
6 Avon Insurance Co., Ltd.
7 Morton Wrigley Ladies' and Gent's Tailor
8/9 J. T. Withers (M.S.F.) Masseur and Joint Specialist
10/11 Miss Liversidge Chiropodist
12 Huddersfield Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Co., Ltd.
13/14 Stanley Carr Chartered Accountant
15 Jules Mendel Howse, Mead & Sons, Inc.
16 London & Manchester Assurance Co., Ltd.
17/19 Mallalieu, Parfitt & Co. Insurance Brokers
18 Tote Investors, Ltd. Turf Accountants
20 F. Milnes & Co. Wool Merchants
23 J. H. Seddon White Hart Hotel
Midland Bank Ltd.
2 Laycock, Dyson & Laycock Solicitors
here is Chancery Lane
Halifax Building Society Cloth Hall Street Branch
Equitable Bank Chambers off Cloth Hall Street
Cartwright & Fieldhouse Solicitors
Booth & Topping Accountants and Auditors
10 unoccupied
12 Guy V. Laycock, Ltd. Electrical Engineers and Contractors
Cloth Hall Chambers off Cloth Hall Street
Frederick Chappell (F.A.I.) Auctioneer and Valuer
J. W. Lees Ladies' & Gents' Hairdresser
R. F. Sherlock Manufacturers' Agent
J. F. Beevers Engraver
Skipper's Photographic Service
14 Cynthia Ladies' Hairdresser
14 E. A. Lacy (F.S.M.C., F.I.O.) Qualified Optician
Balmoral Buildings off Cloth Hall Street
3 John Eccles, Ltd. Cotton Spinners of Upper Aspley Mills
7 Frederick Lee & Son Accountants
12 H. Robinson Turf Commission Agent
15 H. Wilkinson Insurance Broker
17 Morton Bros. Tailors and Costumiers
24 A. Exley Turf Commission Agent
25 T. Gothard Ladies' and Gent's Tailor
18 P. M. Walker, Ltd. Paint Dealers
H. Robinson & Son Grocers and Provision Merchants