1937 Directory:Chapel Hill

1937 Huddersfield Directory
This page was part of a project to digitise the 1937 Huddersfield County Borough Directory. The entire directory can now be read and searched online.

Chapel Hill

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
Alexandra Buildings on Chapel Hill
1 Wilton's General Drapers
3 N. M. Brunyate Ladies' Hairdresser
Commercial Chambers off Chapel Hill
British Legion Women's Sect.
B. Ellam Turf Com. Agent
J. R. Cash & Co., Ltd. Commercial Press, Letterpress Printers
A. G. Boyes & Co, Ltd. Automobile Engineers and Agents
5 A. E. M. Carlton Physician & Surgeon
7 Thomas Black Surgeon-Dentist
7 C. B. Mawbey Surgeon-Dentist
7 Hyslop, T. Surgeon-Dentist
7 Ezra Wilkinson Caretaker
here is Chapel Street
Buxton Road Methodist Church
Herbert Crowther Caretaker
9 Model Lodging House Huddersfield Corporation, Superintendent: W. White
11a J. T. Thomas Sweets & Tobacco
13a A. White Fish and Chips
15a Alice Carter
15a William Hoyle Plumber & Electrician
here is Milford Street
13/15 Tom Hardy Grocer & General
17 Edgar Dealer Eaton
Varley's Yard on Chapel Hill
19 Richard Cunningham
21 William Traynor
23 Agnes Dean
25 George Harry Kenworthy
27 Taylor & Hobson, Ltd. Cabinet Makers, Works
Leech's Yard off Chapel Hill
1 Arthur Todd
2 George Alfred Hepworth
3 Michael Mullarkey
4 Charnock Green
5 Charles Heywood
7 Charlotte Wright
8 James Jennings
9 Alfred Harpin
10 Patrick Rogers
11 Joseph McTighe
12 Elizabeth Mary Smith
13 James Connor
14 John Hirst
15 Eastwood Green
16 Thomas Richard Roderick
18 Henry Herbert Keegan
20 Chamock Green
22 Charles Henry Thwaites
31/33 William Wood Poets' Corner Inn
35/39 Ernest Sykes House Furnisher and Gent's Outfitter
T. Brook & Sons, Ltd. Engineers and General Mill Furnishers
Cyril Garner Cycle Agent
George Holdroyd Boot and Shoe Repairer
here is Colne Road
2 Smith & Shaw Boot and Shoe Repairers
2a unoccupied
4 F. A. Purton Licensed Furniture Broker and Wringing Machine Dealer
8/10 S. Holroyd Outfitter and Wardrobe Dealer
Grayson's Yard on Chapel Hill
12 Tom Brunton Hough
14 Catherine Hunt Bailey
16 C. C. Russell
18 unoccupied
20 unoccupied
22 unoccupied
26 Martha Annie Kettlewell
Wooler's Yard on Chapel Hill
28 Harry Taylor
30 George Livesey Smith
32 John Henry Wilson
34 Harry Hall
36 unoccupied
here is Dale Street
40 B. Bradley Grey Horse Inn
42 Edith Annie Bonser
44 John James Reilly
46 Percy Avison
Grey Horse Yard off Chapel Hill
46a Frank Mear
56 Herbert Hill
58 Tom Hooton
60 D. Briggs Fish and Chips
62 Joseph William Booth
Yard off Chapel Hill
W. T. Hawkins & Co. Cement and Waterproof Specialists
Huddersfield Timber Co. Timber Merchants
B. Wortley & Sons Corn Merchants
R. C. Eastwood Doffing and Cleaning Plate Makers
The Property Repairs Co. Builders and Contractors
W. Hartley & Son Brassfounders and Finishers
64 Annie Elizabeth Hirst
Isthmus Road off Chapel Hill
Isthmus Size Co., Ltd. Isthmus Mills Manufacturers of Sizing and Finishing Products
68 J. W. Knight Black Bull Hotel
70 J. R. Hinds Newsagent and Tobacconist
72 B. F. France Confectioner
74a Keziah Bottomley
K. Longbottom Drapery and Millinery
74 John Sykes & Son Ladies' and Gent's Tailors
76 Harry Atkinson Royal Oak Hotel
Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd. Engine Bridge Machine Works Textile Machinery Makers
78 Christopher Keilly
80 Fred Schofield