1937 Directory:Brook Street

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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Brook Street

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
1 Little Bros., Ltd. Drapers, &c.
1 F. Jury & Co. Woollen & Trimming Merchants
7 Clark & Carr, Ltd. Wholesale Warehousemen
9 Brown's School of Dancing Proprietor: H. Brown
11 Emsley & Collins, Ltd. Fruit Merchants
15 E. R. Lazenby Ladies' & Gent's Tailor
15 E. Vickennan & Son Wholesale Trimming Merchants
17 Joseph Hirst & Sons Woollen Merchants and Shippers
Ideal Prepared Vegetable Co. Washed Potato Specialists, Proprietor: C. B. Crawshaw
Oddy Sellers & Co. Aniline Colours and Chemical Manufacturers
23 G. Bamforth Egg Merchant
Malco, Ltd. Gordon Works Apron Manufacturers
British Woollens Ltd. Woollen Merchants
James Beevers & Co. Uniform Makers
John Beevers & Sons, Ltd. Hearthrug Manufacturers
here is Northgate
2 John William Eamshaw
Benson's Buildings off Brook Street
3 Sylvester Gabrielli
4 Joe Wharmby
5 Sarah Meldrum
9 John William Dickinson
10 William Richardson
4 Martha Elizabeth Dickinson
6 John Knight
8 John Harry Bottomley
here is Lord Street
Wholesale Market
here is Byram Street
here is Wood Street

Adjoining Streets

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1937 Directory:Brook Street


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