1937 Directory:Borough Magistrates

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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Borough Magistrates.

Date of Commission, May 20th, 1870.

The Magistrates sit at the Borough Police Court, Town Hall, Huddersfield, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except Good Friday, Bank Holidays and when Christmas Day falls on either of those days), at 11 a.m.

The Juvenile Court sits in the Magistrates’ Second Court Room every Thursday (except when Christmas Day falls on that Day) at 10 a.m.

Clerk to the Magistrates:

C. Drabble, Magistrates’ Clerk’s Office, Town Hall (Tel. 1513).

Ex-officio Magistrates:

His Worship the Mayor of Huddersfield.
The Recorder of Huddersfield.
The County Court Judge.
The Stipendiary Magistrate.
The Ex-Mayor of Huddersfield (during year following term of office as Mayor).

Col. Sir Hildred Carlile, Bart., C.B.E., Ponsbourne Park, nr. Hertford (1896).

Allen Gee, Esq., O.B.E., Bleak House, Oakes Road South, Quarmby (1906).

Thomas Henry Moore, Esq., Birksgate, Thunderbridge, nr. Huddersfield (1906).

Sir Charles Sykes, Bart., Jeffries Cote, Duchy Road, Harrogate (1906).

Ernest Woodhead, Esq., M.A., Langdale, Gledholt (1906).

William Henry Heywood, Esq., Holly Mount, Birkby (1909).

John Liddell, Esq., Burbank, Edgerton (1913).

William Lawrence Wright Marshall, Esq., Drake House, Malvern Road, Cheltenham (1913).

Arthur Jabez Brook, Esq., Ashdene, Park Drive (1917).

Arthur Pearson Crosland, Esq., 28, Mountjoy Road (1917).

Ernest E. Hirst, Esq., 41, Cleveland Road, Marsh (1917).

Percy Frederick Holmes, Esq., Bryan Road, Edgerton (1917).

Benjamin Riley, Esq., M.P., Westfield Avenue, Oakes (1917).

William Shires, Esq., Quarmby Lodge (1917).

Sir Joseph Turner, K.B.E., Birkby Lodge, Birkby (1917).

Arthur Longden Woodhead, Esq., Deveron House, Queen’s Road, Huddersfield (1917).

James Albert Woolven, Esq., Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur, 19, Trinity Street (1920).

Mrs. Grace Fanny Benson, Northfield, Almondbury (1920).

Mrs. Mary Blamires, M.B.E., Bradley Lodge, Bradley (1920).

Ernest Brook, Esq., "Rossefield," Birkby Hall Road, Birkby (1920).

Joseph Berry, Esq., "Reedley," 18, Clifton Drive South, St. Annes (1920).

John Hewing, Esq., 9, Moorbottom Road, Thornton Lodge (1920).

Arthur Hepworth, Esq., "Greenaires," Thornhill Road (1920).

Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, Bart., O.B.E., Banney Royd, Edgerton (1920).

Arthur Samuel Moulton, Esq., 2, Kidroyd, Somerset Road (1920).

Rowland Mitchell, Esq., The Grange, Newlands Road, Kirkheaton (1920).

Walker Thomas Priest, Esq., 152, Woodside Road, Lockwood (1920).

Squire Padgett, Esq., 33, Park Terrace, Somerset Road (1920).

Mrs. Alice Shires, "Glenroyd," Gledholt (1920).

Frederick Inchbold Butterworth, Esq., 126, Fitzwilliam Street (1923).

David Louis Cairns, Esq., M.D., 6, New North Road (1923).

Thomas Canby, Esq., Heathfield, Crosland Moor (1923).

Lawrence Crowther, Esq., 30, Talbot Avenue (1923).

Miss Norah Elizabeth Freeman, 5, Mountjoy Road (1923).

Mrs. Julia Robson Glaisyer, Redesdale, Almondbury (1923).

Miss Mary Irving, Carr Hill, Cumberworth (1923).

Sir Henry Gordon Kaye, Bart., M.A., "Out of Bounds," Lightridge Road, Fixby (1923).

Albert Pennington Nichol, Esq., 43, Heaton Road, Gledholt (1923).

Gerald Cozens Hardy Willans, Esq., Hey Green, Marsden (1923).

Contents of the 1937 Directory

1937 Directory:Borough Magistrates

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