1937 Directory:Beast Market

1937 Huddersfield Directory
This page was part of a project to digitise the 1937 Huddersfield County Borough Directory. The entire directory can now be read and searched online.

Beast Market

# person  /  business  /  building or place property name details
3 J. Hoyle Hairdresser
5 "Sharpes," Dyers & Cleaners
7 unoccupied
9 H. Scott Gent's Outfitter
Well's Yard off Beast Market
B. P. Scott Ladies' Hairdresser
11 Fred Sykes
15 Sidney Wilson
15a Taylor Bros. & Co. Sheet Metal Workers and Fish Friers' Engineers
15b Ross Ashworth & Co., Ltd. Scale & Weighing Machine Manufacturers
J.D. Haigh, Ltd. Banana Merchants
P. Vighlietti Ice Cream Dealer
17 Jessop Bros. Motor & Electrical Engineers
19 A. & N. Brierley Fish and Chips Supper Rooms
21 Henry Webb Hairdresser
23 R. Ferrari Cutler
23a James Burns
27 S. Haigh Radio and Electrical Dealer
L. Waterworth Joiner, Shop Fitter and Undertaker
31 Frank Mawer Dairyman, Manor Farm Dairies
33 E. Broadbent Painter, Decorator and Wallpaper Dealer
35 Jesse Stephenson, Ltd. Grocers and Provision Merchants
37 Alonzo Sutcliffe & Sons Ladies' and Gent's Outfitters
37a E. Broadbent
"Barker's Palace" Corn and Seed Stores
4 W. H. Allen Fish and Chips Supper Rooms
10 Joseph Gledhill Boy and Barrel Inn
18 J. S. Gibson, Ltd. Fish and Chips Supper Rooms
20 A. Beaumont General Dealer
24 J. H. North Bull's Head Hotel
26 Snack Lunches Ltd. Dining Rooms, Proprieter: Mrs. Rothery
28 K. Price Boot Repairer, Clogger and Licensed Wardrobe Dealer