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1937 Huddersfield Directory
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A Valuable Asset. The Huddersfield Corporation Estate.

By Harold T. Taylor, F.S.I., Estate Manager.

The Huddersfield Corporation is in the unique position of being the Freeholder of a very large portion of the town.

In 1920 it purchased from Sir John Frecheville Ramsden, Bart., the whole of the Manor or Lordship of Almondbury and land about 4,300 acres in extent in the townships of Huddersfield, Almondbury, Lockwood, Honley and Dalton, comprising the whole of the central portion of the town and surrounding land, for the sum of £1,336,000. It was necessary for the Corporation to obtain a special Act of Parliament authorising the transaction. Although this large debt has now been reduced by nearly £150,000, it is considered that the Estate has increased in value owing to development to a sum of £2,000,000, an important asset that the town can confidently be very proud of, as the income is all well secured and may reasonably be expected to show further increases from time to time.

The total revenue from this valuable estate now exceeds £90,000 per annum, of which over £60,000 is secured by property let on lease for 999 years and other long periods.

Relief of the Rates.

Up to the year 1936 more than £75,000 has been given for the relief of rates, and during the present year a sum equal to a 5d. rate has been provided for, after the payment of all debt charges and administrative expenses, &c.

A considerable amount of building development has taken place during the last ten years, several estates have been opened up and laid out under Town Planning conditions, and land has been provided for the numerous Corporate requirements, such as Parks, Recreation Grounds, Housing Sites, Baths, Allotments, &c.

The Corporation, being the largest landowner in the district, is able to offer sites for factories and warehouses in excellent situations, and sites are also available for dwelling houses of all sizes in some of the choicest positions in the borough at very modest ground rents, also central shop sites, offices and a number of small fiats.

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