Jubb's Directory: The Huddersfield County Borough Directory (1937)

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Printed and published by Alfred Jubb & Son, Ltd., of Albany Printing Works on St. John's Road, the Huddersfield Country Borough Directory of 1937 provides a huge amount of information that will be of interest to local historians and those researching their family trees. Running to around 800 pages, it contains:

  • introductory information about Huddersfield, including sections written by Stanley Chadwick, Ernest Cooper, Philip H. Lee, Alfred M. Lee, Harold T. Taylor, T. W. Woodhead, and J. W. Turner
  • a list of properties on every street in the borough, naming the head of the household, etc.
  • an alphabetical list of private residents
  • a trade and professional listing

The bulk of the directory is believed to be in the Public Domain, with the exception of some of the introductory texts. For example, Stanley Chadwick died in 1988 and his work remains copyrighted until the end of 2058.

The directory is currently being digitised and transcribed exclusively for Huddersfield Exposed, although it is expected the work will take several months (if not years!) to complete. The major sections are:

  • Street Index (incomplete)
  • Private Residents (not started)
  • Professional and Trades Listings (not started)

It's going to take a lot of time and effort to convert the directory, so please show your support to this hefty project!

Data Protection Act

It is anticipated that a small minority of entries may relate to living individuals. As the directory was published commercially and remains available for reference in local libraries etc, it is believed the information is for all practical purposes in the Public Domain and not covered by the UK Data Protection Act. However, if any entry relates specifically to you and, for whatever reason, you would like to have it removed from this web site, please get in touch.


Looking for something specific? You can run a search against the portion of the Directory which has been added to the site so far:

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Jubb's Directory: The Huddersfield County Borough Directory (1937)


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