The following is just a flavour of the events which took place and we hope to add more soon!

The following events took place in 1894...


  • 12th — Labourer Robert Baker is killed by an explosion during the construction of Butterley Reservoir. Gelignite charges had been detonated on the 5th but one had failed to explode.





  • 8th — During an auction of woollen machinery and raw materials being held at Sefton Mills, Meltham, the wooden floor suddenly collapses and between 30 to 40 people tumble into a muddy gasometer tank below. James Bentley Crosland, son of Alderman James Crosland, is trapped face down in the mud under a pile of debris and dies before he can be rescued. The auctioneer, James Waterhouse Taylor, later dies of his injuries on 6 December.

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