The following is just a flavour of the events which took place and we hope to add more soon!

The following events took place in 1862...


  • Reports of a strange apparition haunting the darkened streets of Lockwood begin to circulate. Described as something akin to a bear or a gorilla, it leaps out scaring children and young women and becomes known as the "Lockwood Scar Ghost".


  • 10th — Lockwood resident Alfred Hanson spies the "Lockwood Scar Ghost" lurking and gives chase. He "lays the ghost" on its back with a few well-placed punches and reveals it to be a local barber, 58-year-old Matthew Shaw, dressed in a long front coat and wearing a ridiculous wig.
  • 11th — Apparently unperturbed by his beating the night before, Matthew Shaw ventures out as the "Lockwood Scar Ghost" once again. This time he is assaulted by Joshua Megson and is left nursing a black eye.


  • 17th — 22-year-old Robert Turner, son of farmer Jonas Turner of Hazelbead Farm near Penistone, is killed when his horse stumbles on boggy ground at Cook's Study near Holmfirth. Turner was trapped under his horse and drowned.
  • 21st — The 1862 Honley Feast begins.

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