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The following events took place in 1800...


  • The Huddersfield Canal Bill is read for the third time in the House of Commons and passed.
  • John Motley, woolstapler of Huddersfield, is declared bankrupt.
  • Joseph Hobson, dealer of Moorgate in Netherthong, is declared bankrupt.


  • Newspaper report that a farmer of Crosland Moor (or Crosland Edge) "was enriched with the following encrease of stock and family" — three calves were born at 6am and 7am, seven (or eleven) piglets at 9am, and his wife gave birth to twins before noon.
  • Silvester Sikes, banker of Huddersfield, is declared bankrupt.
  • James Knowles, merchant of Greenhead, Huddersfield, is declared bankrupt.

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