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The following events took place in 1799...


  • Edward Ainley, clothier of Longwood near Huddersfield, is declared bankrupt.


  • 19th — Martha Bray, Emma Holland and Abraham Broadbent are arrested on a charge of inciting a riot at Huddersfield. It was stated that a large mob, consisting principally of women, had assembled and marched on the Corn Market at Huddersfield with the intention to "seize all the corn brought that day to the market", then sell it on a much lower price to the hungry and poor (reportedly six shillings a bushel). The three were found guilty at trial in January 1800, with Martha Bray being sentenced to one year at York jail and the other two to three months each.


  • Matthew Mason the Younger, woolstapler of Huddersfield, is declared bankrupt.
  • John Denton, of Haycroft near Huddersfield, is declared bankrupt.

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