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The following events took place in 1798...


  • Joseph Berry, clothier of Netherthongue (Netherthong), is declared bankrupt.


  • Samuel Walker Parker, of Newcastle upon Tyne, marries Miss Catherine Roberts of Longwood House at Huddersfield.


  • Nathaniel Berry, clothier of Deanhouse, Almondbury, declared bankrupt.
  • The Royal Huddersfield Volunteers announced "their readiness to march, not only in the district, but to any part of Great Britain".


  • Newspapers report that a man had been poisoning wells in the Huddersfield, but was caught after being witnessed by a local woman. An apothecary named Sturges examined the contents of a box taken from the prisoner and confirmed it was arsenic.
  • Perfect, Seaton, Brook & Co. start a new banking company in Huddersfield.

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