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The following events took place in 1795...


  • Joseph Sykes, clothier of Holt Laith, Lingards, declared bankrupt.
  • 5th-6th — John Mayall of Hill Top, Lingards, meets a recruiting party of the Wakefield Rangers and goes drinking with them at Slaithwaite. By 2am the following morning, Mayall was so drunk he couldn't stand up unaided. The members of the recruiting party dragged him towards Huddersfield, before assaulting him and stealing his money. He was found near New Street soon afterwards and died the following afternoon. It was reported that six of his ribs had been broken — one of which had perforated a lung — and was "from head to foot a most shocking spectacle". A charge of murder was brought against Sergeant Charles Elliot and Joseph Barber, who was committed to York Castle to await trail. Mayall had recently buried his wife and left behind "four poor children".
  • 30th — Sergeant Charles Elliot of the York Rangers, who had been found guilty of the murder of John Mayall at Huddersfield, is executed at York Castle.


  • Francis Davenport, clothier of Marsden, is declared bankrupt.
  • James Mellor, clothier of Wooldale Town End, Kirkburton, is declared bankrupt.


  • Death of school master John Hartley of Huddersfield, reportedly whilst writing a letter to a friend.


  • Mr. Hicks of Huddersfield agrees to a wager that he can't ride a hackney mare the 15 miles to Wakefield in under an hour. Despite being detailed for four minutes at one of the toll bars on the route, he completes the task "with apparent ease" in 48 minutes.

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