The following is just a flavour of the events which took place and we hope to add more soon!

The following events took place in 1791...


  • Ely Shaw, clothier of Woodnook, Honley, is declared bankrupt.
  • A fire breaks out at the home of clothier William Cockin of Honley. Two children were “with great difficulty taken out alive”.


  • Around £1,200 worth of damage is caused by a fire at the scribbling and fulling mills of Messrs. Ramsden & Co. of Golcar.


  • Thomas Beaumont and his grandchild are killed by lightning at Meltham. His daughter was stood some distance away and her hat was scorched.


  • The Rev. J. Coates becomes the new Vicar of Huddersfield.
  • Batley Royston, cloth manufacturer of Lindley, declared bankrupt.

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