The following is just a flavour of the events which took place and we hope to add more soon!

The following events took place in 1775...


  • Heavy rain causes flooding at Holmfirth, where “several houses were swept down”, and “damage was also done to several houses and shops in and near Huddersfield”.


  • A thunderstorm cases widespread damage. Bridges are washed away at Penistone, along with houses at Holmfirth. Several houses and shops are damaged at Huddersfield, "to the amount of several hundred pounds." A man is drowned at Dewsbury.


  • A “fine new sloop” named the Royal Huddersfield is launched on the “new canal navigation from Calder to Huddersfield”.
  • Heavy rain causes flooding, killing butcher Mr. Balmford of Marsden and William Tomlinson of Cooper Bridger. Houses at Huddersfield are washed away.

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