Electoral Registers: Leeds South-East Division

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This is a backup of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and remains unavailable.

See here for a list of Polling Districts within this Division 1970-1983.

Leeds South-East electoral registers 1970-1983 held by WYAS Wakefield:

Dates Reference Items Notes
1970-1972 LE(S-E):1/1-3 3 volumes In Force Feb 1970-Feb 1973
1973-1975 LE(S-E):2/1-3 3 volumes In Force Feb 1973-Feb 1976
1976-1978 LE(S-E):3/1-3 3 volumes In Force Feb 1976-Feb 1979
1979-1981 LE(S-E):4/1-3 3 volumes In Force Feb 1979-Feb 1982
1982-1983 LE(S-E):5/1-2 2 volumes In Force Feb 1982-Feb 1984

For registers 1965-1970 see Leeds Division.

For registers 1984-1985 see Leeds Central and Morley & Leeds South Divisions.

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