Bridges named in West Riding Quarter Sessions 1637-1699

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This is a backup of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and remains unavailable.

This list of bridges is from an index to entries regarding bridges in the Quarter Sessions rolls, indictment books and order books from 1637-1699, compiled c1882 (ref. QD1/706). This index is arranged by bridge name and lists each entry a bridge makes in the session rolls, indictment books and order books. The majority of the bridges named here were Riding bridges, meaning the responsibility for the repair and upkeep of these bridges fell to the West Riding; however there are also references to some privately owned bridges.

For an index to bridges c1670-c1880 see here.

Below is a transcribed list of each bridge recorded in this index along with the date it first appears and in which series of Quarter Sessions documents it is recorded. The names have been transcribed as they appear in the index, including old spellings etc.

Bridge and Description Session Rolls Indictment Book Order Book
Aberforth/Aberford Bridge Pontefract April 1670 H 108
Addingham Bridge Skipton June 1688 Docs
Adel Smithy Bridge, over a certain water called Adel Smithy Beck Leeds June 1655 D
Adwark Ford, over Dunne Rotherham M 1661 F 79
Adwick Bridge Rotherham Aug 1689 Q 132
Agbrigg Bridge and Causey Wakefield Jan 1658/9 E 204
Anatholme Bridge, between Kirby Steven and Kirby Lonsdale, over Conoley Knaresborough Oct 1659 E 210 E 228
Apperley Bridge Wakefield Jan 1669/70 H 92 G 163
Armitage Bridge Pontefract April 23 Car I [1647] C 4
Arncliffe Bridge, over River of Skirseye (also over Wharfe and Church Bridge - see below) Skipton M 1667 H 169 G 81
Attercliffe Bridge, also Walshforth or Washford, over Dunne Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 78
Awstweeke Bridge Skipton M 1678 I 101
Baildon Bridge Pontefract April 1655 D E 164
Barden Bridge, over Wharf in parish of Skipton, between wapentakes of Stain. & Ewecross and Claro Skipton July 1649 B C 144
Barden Beck Bridge Knaresborough Oct 1686 Docs P 169
Bargh/Baurgh Bridge, in the parish of Dent, over Dee Skipton July 1666 G 49
Barnsley Milne or Old Mill Bridge, over Dearne in parish of Barnsley Barnsley Jan 1650 C 101
Bawtry Bridge Rotherham July 16 Car I [1640] A 121
Bawtry Foot Bridges Doncaster June 1647 C
Beamsley Bridge, over Hecks beck Skipton July 1690 Docs Q 197
Beckfoote Bridge, over Washburn within Hill Hamblett Knaresborough Oct 1633 D
Bell Busk Bridge Skipton July 1690 Docs L 129
Bentham Bridge, over Wenning. Note: the Bridge charged on township is possibly another bridge of same name or perhaps properly Over Bentham Bridge as in order book M 80 Pontefract April 24 Car I [1648] C 68
Bentley Bridge, Milne Bridge, Bentley, over Bentley beck, between Skipton and Broughton Pontefract April 1677 M 102 I 49
Biggin Bridge, over Bishops Dyke in Kirkfenton Wakefield Oct 1666 H 117
Billingley Bridge, over Plinke and Carre[?] ditch, Darfield Pontefract April 1657 E 146
Bingley Bridge, over Aire Leeds M 1683 Docs
Birstal Church Bridge Wakefield Oct 17 Car I [1641] A 183
Bishopton Bridge, over Skell and over Laver, in Ripon Pontefract April 1670 G 168
Blubberhouses Bridge, over Washburne in Fewston Skipton June 1649 B C 144
Bolton Bridge, over Dearne Doncaster Jan 1655 D 197 E 99
Bolton Bridge, over Wharfe Knaresborough Oct 1655 D E 82
Bolton Mill Bridge, over Malhouse or Malthouse Beck Knaresborough Oct 1687 Docs Q 31
Bondgate Bridge, over Skell Wetherby Jan 1669/70 H 84 G 159
Boulder Bridge, between Cudworth and Royston Pontefract May 1641 A 164
Boulton juxta Bolland Bridge [document not recorded] Leeds 1676
Bow Bridges, bridges over several becks below specified one presented and mentioned under the title of Bow Bridges and the entries of all are below given Wetherby Jan 1686/7 P 188 L 28
Boy Bridge, over Calder in Halifax parish Leeds June 1650 C 49
Bracken Bridge, in Hampsthwaite Knaresborough Oct 1653 D
(Nether) Bradfield Milne Bridge Rotherham July 15 Car I [1639] A 67
Bradford Bridge, Bowe Bridge and Joye[?] Bridge Wakefield Oct 1682 K 63
Bradford West Bridge, in Staincliffe, in high road from York to Preston Skipton M 1682 O 68
Breaks Bridge, over Crumple in parish of Kirby Overblows and Pannal Leeds M 1683 Docs
Breaerley Bridge, over Calder in Midgly Leeds M 1676 M 30
Brighouse Bridge, over Calder Pontefract April 15 Car I [1639] A 56
Brightside Bridge Doncaster Oct 13 Car I [1637] A 33
Broograins Bridge Leeds M 1691 L 163
Brookeflatt Foot Bridge Rotherham M 1659 E 226
Broughton Bridge, over Broughton beck Skipton July 1688 L 65
Buckden Bridge Skipton July 1689 Q 114 L 77
Burholme Bridge, over Hother in Forest of Bowland Skipton June 1653 D 51
Burnell Bridge and Causey, in Pontefract Lane Barnsley Jan 1650 C 103
Burnsall Bridge, over Wharfe Skipton July 1673 K 139 H 116
Burrage Bridge, Ripon Wetherby Jan 1689/90 H 84 G 159
Burrowe (or Borrow) Bridge, over Youse[?] Knaresborough Oct 1639 A 96 A 79
Burton Bridge, Thornton in Lonsdale, over Greta Knaresboro' Oct 23 Car I [1647] C
Burton Grange Bridge Leeds M 1677 Docs I 66
Byer Bridge, in Bolton juxta Bolland, over Byer brook Skipton M 1691 Docs
Capster (Capstarr) Bridge, over Scoute dyke in Penistone and Silkstone Rotherham M 1652 C 237
Carleton Bridge Skipton M 23 Car I [1647-1648] C 24
Carleton Lower Bridge and Causey, over Ayre (Eyre) Skipton M 1652 C 220
Carr Bridge, in [?]dale at Carr Yeat between Penistone and Pontefract Pontefract April 1640 A 115
Castle Bridge, near York Castle walls Pontefract April 1680 I 171
Castleford Bridge Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 8
Catcliffe Bridge, over Rother in Rotherham parish Barnsley Jan 1640 A 254
Cattal Bridge, over Nidd Pontefract April 23 Car I [1647] C 4
Chappel Bridge, a little above Milne Bridge and Church Bridge in Garsdale, Dent Leeds M 1683 Docs
Church Bridge, over Garsdale beck, Sedbergh parish Wetherby Jan 1668/9 Docs I 6 G 135
Churwell Bridge, in parish of Leeds and Batley Leeds July 1697 S 62 M 153
Clapham Church Bridge Pontefract April 1653 D
Clapham Smithy Bridge Wetherby Jan 1673 K 163 H 129
Clifton Brooke Bridge Wakefield Oct 1655 E 85
Clough Bridge, in Sedbergh, in Ewecross and over Cloughwater Leeds 1676 Docs
Cocke Bridge, between Sherburn and Tadcaster over Cockwater Leeds M 1674 L 64
Cold Cumston Bridge, over Ayre in Gargrave Knaresborough Oct 1664 G F
Collinge Bridge, over Crimple Skipton July 1653 D 51
Colne Bridge [document not recorded] Pontefract April 24 Car I [1648]
Coniston Bridge, in Kettlewelldale, over Wharfe in parish of Burnsall Skipton July 1650 C 42
Cottingley Bridge, over Ayre in parish of Bingley Pontefract April 23 Car I [1647] C 6
Cow (Coe) Bridge, over Ribble in parish of Long Preston Skipton M 14 Car I [1638-1639] A 82 A 22
Cowper alias Cowforth Bridge Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 4
Crumple Bridge alias Dighton's, over Crimple beck Pontefract April 18 Car I [1642] A 212
Crookey Lane Bridge, over Lune Skipton M 15 Car I [1639-1640] A 2 A 63
Darfield Bridge, over Dearne Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 1
Darley Milne Bridge Wetherby Jan 1658 E149, 150
Darnall & Hansworth Foote Bridge Rotherham D 1659 E 206
Darton Bridge, over Dearne Pontefract 1675 Docs
Dearne Bridge, over Dearne in parishes of Melton and Mexbro' Rotherham July 1650 C 58
Deepe Carr Bridge, between Bradfield and Penistone Doncaster July 23 Car I [1647] B C
Dent Bridge, see also Dent Church Bridge Pontefract April 1669 G 145
Dent Church Bridge Wetherby Jan 1664 G
Dewsbury Bridge, on a highway between Wakefield and Halifax Pontefract April 1675 H 182
Dibbles Bridge, over Dibbles beck in Burnsall Wakefield Oct 1689 Docs
Dimsopp Bridge, over Dunsop in Slaidburn parish Wetherby Jan 1663/4 F 153
Dodg Dyke Bridge, over Dodg Dyke in Adingfleet Barnsley Jan 1657 E 80
Dog Park Bridge, over Washburne Knaresborough Oct 1657 E 49, 50
Dove [Dore?] Bridge, in Leeds Borough Pontefract April 1642 A
Dowgill Bridge Skipton July 1693 M 19
Eaden Bridge Skipton July 1692 L 187
Eadsforth Bridge, over Ribble in Mitton Pontefract April 24 Car I [1648] C 69
Ealand Bridge Pontefract April 1652 C 212
Easington Bridge, Foote Bridge over Hother in Slaidburn parish Wetherby June 1661 F 108 F 43
Eastburne Bridge and Causey Pontefract April 18 Car I [1642] A 213
Elslacke Lower Bridge Skipton July 17 Car I [1641] A 165
Eshton Bridge, over Winterburne in Gargrave Wetherby Jan 1649 C 18
Ferry Bridge, between London and York Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 6
Fewston Bridge, over Washburne Skipton July 16 Car I [1640] A 124 A 114
Fleckingley Bridge Wakefield Jan 1658/9 E 157
Fleet Bridge, between Mexbro' and Barmbro' Barnsley Oct 1678 Docs M 245
Forest Beck Bridge, parish of Bolton (alias East Forest) Pontefract April 1664 G F 162
Foster Beck Bridge, over Foster Beck, Stainbeckdowne Skipton July 1691 Docs Q 257
Fott Bridge, alias Iregate, over Crumple Leeds July 1685 P 89
Galeshay (Galway, Gauxhay) Bridge, over Laver parish of Ripon, alias Low Mill Bridge Pontefract April 1684 Docs O 211 K 118
Gargrave Bridge Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 8
Garsdale Church Bridge, over Clough in Dent, Mill Bridge Wetherby Jan 1677 Docs M 167 I 81
Gawthorpe Bridge, over Gawthorpe water, Dent parish Skipton April 1655 D
Gilbeck Bridge, over Gillbrooke, between Otley and Bradford Wakefield Jan 1668 E 158
Gill Bridge, in Clifton hamlet Wetherby Jan 1662 F 108
Glusburne Foot Bridge Skipton July 1657 E 32 E 155
Grange Bridge, over Blackburn, between Rotherham and Ecclesfield Doncaster Oct 1659 E 214
Grange Bridge, in Ecclesfield Pontefract April 1686 L 6
Grange Bridge, over Grange water in Royston parish, between Wakefield and Rotherham, over Dearne in Royston Pontefract April 1676 M 4 I 3
Grimball Bridge, alias Knaresbro', over Nidd parish of Knaresborough Skipton July 1649 C 144
Halton Bridge Barnsley Oct 1698 M 131
Halton Gill Bridge, in Arncliffe parish Skipton July 1669 H 47 G 148
Halwood Bridge, in Keighley and Haworth parishes Wetherby Jan 1649/50 C 19
Hampsthwaite Bridge, over Nidd, Hampsthwaite parish Wetherby Jan 15 Car I [1640] A 88
Hampsthwaite Causey Knaresboro' Oct 23 Car I [1647] C
Hamleth Bridge, over Aire in Kirby Malhamdale Skipton July 1683 Docs O 140
Harden Bridge, Harding, in Clapham, Austweek Beck or Crombeck in Forest of Bolland, over Langdon Water Skipton July 1659 E 188 E 222
Harper Gate Bridge Wetherby Jan 1658 E 149
Harwood Bridge, over Wharfe Pontefract April 23 Car I [1647] C 4
Haworth Bridge, Brighouse North Wakefield Jan 1656 E 136
Hebden Bridge or Hepton/Heptonstall Bridge Pontefract April 1686 P 144 L 2
Hebden Bridge, over Hebden water in Linton Skipton July 1675 Docs L 160
Helwith Bridge, over Ribble Wetherby Jan 1664/5 G
Hepton Bridge, over Hepton Pontefract April 1651 C 119
Hewick Bridge Knaresborough Oct 1638 A 27
High Bridge, over Dunne Barnsley Jan 1650/1 C 101
High Hother Bridge, alias Hodder, in [Sutton?] Pontefract April 24 Car I [1648] B C 69
Hill Bridge, in Ollerton Rotherham July 14 Car I [1638] A 18
Holme Bridge, in Gargrave, Skipton parish, over Ashton Beck Skipton May 24 Car I [1648] C 82
Holme Bridge Doncaster Jan 1687/8 Q 63
Honley Bridge Pontefract April 1662 F 61
Horbury Bridge Pontefract April 24 Car I [1648] C 70
Horton Bridge, over Stone Beck in Gisburne over Horton or Dowgill Beck Pontefract April 1664 G F 162
Hother Lower Bridge, alias Lutton alias Lower Hodder in Lutton parish Pontefract April 1666 H 77 G 40
Houghton Bridge Doncaster Jan 1687/8 Docs Q 63
Hubbram Bridge, over Wharfe Wetherby Jan 15 Car I [1640] A 86
Huddersfield Bridge, Hothersfield Pontefract April 18 Car I [1642] A 215
Hummerhead Bridge, alias Humberhead Miln Bridge, in Adwick super Street Rotherham Aug 1686 P 164
Ilkley Bridge, Ighley Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 7
Inghey Bridge, Inghay, over Ayre (Eyre) Wetherby Jan 1647 B
Ingleton Bridge, over Greta Wetherby Jan 1693 Docs
Irongate Bridge, see Pott Knaresborough Oct 1664 F 184
Jolliman Croft Bridge, over Chapelshame in Fewston Knaresborough Oct 1653 D
Jumble Bridge, in Alverthorpe Pontefract April 1675 H 182
Kettle Bridge, in Clapham (Kettlesbeck) Skipton July 1682 O 68
Kettlewell Bridge, in Burnsall, over Wharfe Skipton July 1661 F 62 F 25
Kettlewell Milne Bridge, over Caingill[?] Skipton July 1686 Docs P 148
Kettleman Bridge, over Cock, Tadcaster parish Pontefract April 23 Car I [1647] C 4
Kexbrough Bridge Pontefract April 1662 F 126
Kighley Bridge Skipton June 24 Car I [1648] B 52 C 89
Kildweek Bridge, in Kildwick parish Knaresborough Oct 1661 F 82
Killinghall Bridge, over Nidd in Ripley parish Wetherby Jan 1651 C 175
Kirkby Malhamdale Bridge, alias Kirkby over Kirksgill Wetherby Jan 1650 C 85
Kirke Bridge, in Bradfield Doncaster Jan 1688 I 24 G 138
Kirkstall Bridge, over Ayre Wakefield Oct 17 Car I [1641] A 184
Knaresborough Bridge Skipton M 1649 B
Knaresborough Lower Bridge Skipton July 1684 Docs K 126
Knouch Bridge, alias Knowls, over Rother Barnsley Jan 1650 C 101
Lady Bridge or Mary Bridge, in Arksey or Sprotboro Leeds May 1679 Docs
Lairton Bridge, over Laver between Masham and Leeds Pontefract April 1659 E 180 E 213
Langshame Bridge, over Kettle water, in Clapham parish Wetherby Jan 1684 P 41
Laver Bridge Knaresborough Oct 1673 K 158
Leathley Bridge, over Washburn Pontefract April 1674 H 140
Ledgard Bridge, over Calder in Mirfield Wakefield Oct 1650 C 72
Leeds Bridge Pontefract May 17 Car I [1641] A 161
Lingall Bridge or Lingile or Linghill Bridge, over Carr[?] in Horton in Ribblesdale Skipton July 1649 B C 144
Linley/Lindley Bridge, over Washburn in Otley parish Wetherby Jan 23 Car I [1648] C 46
Linton Bridge, over Wharfe between Settle and Ripon Skipton July 1659 E 188
Litthouse Bridge, over Calder Pontefract April 1685 Docs P 68 K 158
Little Sheffield Bridge Doncaster Jan 1685 P 133
Lockwood Bridge Pontefract April 1653 D
Long Bridge, over Carr Dyke, over River Wharfe Pontefract April 1651 C 109
Long Preston Bridge, over Priestgill or Priestbeck Knaresborough Sep 1651 C 151
Lune Bridge alias Crowther or Crowden, over Lune dividing Westmoreland and West Riding Pontefract April 1676 Docs I 4
March Bridge Pontefract April 18 Car I [1642] A 213
Marle Bridge, over Dearne in Darfield Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 5
Marley or Marloe Bridge, over Ayre in Bingley parish Pontefract April 1656 D
Mawdlin Bridge, lower end of Westgate in Wakefield, over Alverthorpe beck, see Jumble Bridge Wakefield April 1649 B
Methley Bridge Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 7
Mill Bridge, in Skipton over Elen[?] beck, over Bentley Beck Skipton July 1677 Docs
Milne Bridge, over Hallwater/Stallwater in Ecclesfield Barnsley Oct 1615 Q 170
Milne Bridge, in Liversedge Pontefract April 1683 Docs
Milne Bridge, Thruscross over Washburn Skipton July 23 Car I [1647] C 25
Milne Bridge, in Garsdale over Cloglwater Leeds 1676 Docs
Mirfield Bridge, see also Ledgard Bridge Pontefract April 16 Car [1640] A 105
Monck Bridge, over Stockwater or Stonebeck in Bracewell parish Skipton July 24 Car [1648] B 53
Munck Fryston Causey Pontefract April 18 Car [1642] A 215
Mytholme Bridge, or Methom Royd, over Calder Leeds July 1684 K 130
New Bridge, alias Garsdale, over Garsdale water, in Sedbergh over Clough in Sedbergh Knaresborough Oct 1650 C 65
New Bridge, over Lune between Sedbergh and Kendall, alias Rantley Bridge, which see Skipton M 24 Car [1648-1649] C 86
New Bridge, over Wharfe in Skipton parish Skipton M 24 Car [1648-1649] B 52
New Bridge, over Ribble in Horton parish, alias Horton Bridge Wetherby Jan 1664 G
New Bridge, over Nidd in Hampthswaite Wetherby Jan 1648 B 74
Newton Bridge, over Hother, in Slaidburne Wetherby Jan 1661 F 108 F 44
North Bridge, in Halifax Wakefield Jan 1639 A 209
Ockworth Bridge, over Ockworth (Oakworth) beck Wetherby Jan 1649 C 19
Old Loones (Lunes) Bridge, half in Sedbergh, half in Westmoreland Pontefract April 1664 G F 162, 170
Ollerton Bridge, over Lexley water Wetherby July 1666 G 58
Otley Bridge Pontefract April 23 Car [1647] C 3
Otterburne Bridge, over Otterburne water, Kirby Malhamdale parish Knaresborough Oct 1664 G F
Otterburne Beck Foote Bridge Skipton July 1676 I 17
Oughty Bridge, over Wharncliffe water, over Dune[?] Doncaster Jan 1682 O 119 K 77
Oxspringe Mill Bridge, over Dunne Barnsley Jan 16 Car [1641] A 151
Pannel Bridge, over Crumple, alias Broake[?] Bridge Pontefract April 1682 O 57 K 40
Pasture Bridge, in Holbeck, see Sheep Bridge
Pateley Bridge Skipton July 23 Car [1647] C 24
Pathorne/Paythorne Bridge, over Ribble in Gisburne Wetherby Jan 1652 D
Pighill Bridge, over Pighill water, or Muckle beck, in Craven in Thornton parish Skipton July 1666 G 51
Poole Bridge, in Nunmoncton parish, adjs to Muxley parish, over Poole Wetherby Jan 1650 C 86
Pott Bridge, or Irongate, over Crimple Leeds July 1685 Docs
Raigill (Ragell) Bridge, over Ashland[?], Ingleton Pontefract April 18 Car [1642] A 213
Ramsgill Bridge, over Nidd, Kirby Malzeard parish Wetherby Jan 1663 G F 155
Rawthey Bridge, alias Sedbergh Bridge, over Rawthey and Sedbergh water, see also New Bridge Sedbergh Pontefract April 1650 C 37
Raven Bridge, in Mirfield Wakefield 7 October 1652 C 250
Ribborneden Bridge Pontefract April 1656 D E 108
Rilston Bridge Skipton July 1698 Docs
Rimmington Bridge, in Gisburne, alias Remington Bridge Pontefract 1675 Docs
Ripon North Bridge, over Yore, alias North Bridge Pontefract April 18 Car I [1642] A 214
Robucke Bridge, in Bradfield, over St[?] in Ecclesfield parish Rotherham M 15 Car [1639-1640] A 88 A 67
Rother Bridge, between Treeton and Catcliffe Doncaster Oct 1658 198
Rotherham Bridge, alias Rotherham Great Bridge, over Dunne Wakefield April 1649 C 129
Rush Bridge, over Dee or Dent water, in Dent Skipton M 1656 D
Rushley Bridge, alias Rauchley Skipton M 24 Car [1648-1649] C 86
Sadle Bridge Barnsley Oct 1686 L 21[?]
Sawley Bridge, over Ribble Skipton M 1650 C 42
Saxton cum Scardingwells Bridge Knaresborough Oct 1693 M 25
Scawbank Bridge, over Ayre, in Kirby Malhamdale parish Skipton M 1668 H 250 G 118
Scoute Bridge Rotherham M 1652 C 237
Settle Bridge, over Ribble Pontefract April 1662 F 133, 139
Sheepe Bridge, in Holbeck Pontefract April 1655 Docs
Shepley Bridge Wakefield Jan 1666 G 68
Silsden Bridge Skipton M 24 Car [1648-1649] B 53 C 89
Skipp Bridge, in Kirk Hammerton, dividing Riding and Ainsty Wetherby Jan 1650 C 85
Skipton Mill Bridge, over Ellenbeck Knaresborough 1697 Docs
Skirden Bridge, alias Slaynecliffe Bridge, over Skirden water Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 3
Skirsey Bridge, in Skirsgill, over Skirsey water in Burnsall, over Wharfe, and in Rilston Wetherby Jan 1649 C 18
Slaydburne Bridge, over Hodder, over Croasdale Skipton M 15 Car I [1639-1640] A 83 A 64
Smithy Bridge, over Clapham water Wetherby Jan 1670 H 167 H 10
Smithy Bridge, over Downham water, in Gisburne, divides Yorks and Lancs. Wetherby Jan 1684 C 39 K 147
Somerd Bridge, also Sumer Bridge, over Nidd, between Skipton and Ripon Pontefract May 1660 E 239 E 237
Sowerby Bridge Wakefield Jan 1673 L 8 H 132
Stainforth Bridge, over Ribble, in Giggleswicke parish Knaresborough Oct 1665 H 35 G 20
Starbottom Bridge Wetherby Jan 1693 Docs M 31
Steeton Bridge, see also Silsden Bridge Wetherby Jan 1647 B
Stevens Bridge, alias Stephan Bridge, over Bashall Brook, in Waddington, between Settle and Blackburn Skipton M 1678 Docs M 211 I 103
Stock Bridge, over Ayre, m Kighly and Morton[?], between Kighly and Otly, dividing Skrack and Staincliffe Skipton M 1664 G
Storres Bridge, over Loxley water, in Bradfeld parish Barnsley Oct 1673 K 145 H 118
Streight Bridge, over Rawthey parish of Sedbergh, also Smithwaite Pontefract April 1684 Docs O 212 K 118, 119
Stubbidge Bridge, over Went Doncaster Oct 1641 A 19
Swillington Bridge (the Mayne Bridge) Pontefract April 15 Car I [1639] A 63
Swillington Bow Bridge, see Swillington Bridge Leeds M 1681 Docs K 19
Tadcaster Bridge, over Wharfe Pontefract April 18 Car [1642] A 212
Talbutt (Talbott) Bridge, over Wigden water in Mitton Knaresborough Oct 1680 Docs N 174 I 185
Temple Bridge, over Temple beck in Temple Newsham Wakefield Oct 1678 Docs M 239
Thorne Bridge, over Dunne Pontefract April 1680 Docs
Thornhill Bridge Knaresborough Oct 1639 A 97
Thornton Bridge, over Greta, see Pighill Skipton July 1640 A 124 A 115
Thornton Bridge, in Lonsdale Wetherby Jan 1691 Docs Q 285 L 174
Thornton Bridge, over River Swineworth Skipton M 1658 E 106
Thornton or Ingleton Bridge, in parish of Ewecross Skipton M 15 Car I [1639-1640] A 64
Thummerscliffe[?] Grange Bridge, over Blackburne in Ecclesfield Barnsley Jan 1658 E 167 E 209
Thurgoland Bridge, over Don in Penistone and Silkstone parishes Barnsley Oct 1691 Docs Q 283 L 173
Turne Bridge, also Thurne and Thorne Bridge, over Dunne Doncaster Oct 17 Car [1641] A 192
Turgatt Bridge, over River Asplum in Bentham parish, also Turcan[?] and Turcker Bridge Wetherby Jan 1691 Docs Q 285 L 174
Trowles Bridge, over Kisbeck Pontefract April 1664 G F 165
Uden Bridge, over Uden, between Wakefield and Bakewell, Derbyshire Rotherham M 1663 G 40 F 141
Unshriven[?] Bridge Doncaster M 23 Car [1647-1648] B C
Upper Wyke Bridge, in parish of Leeds at west end thereof Pontefract April 1659 E 180
Uskelf Long Bridge Wakefield 17 Car [1641-1642] A 172
Waddington Bridge, over Ayre in Gargrave Knaresborough Oct 1664 G F 182
Wadsley Bridge Pontefract May 1698 M 176
Wakefield Bridge Pontefract April 14 Car I [1638] A 4
Wall Bridge Knaresborough Oct 1687 Q 31
Washburne Bridge, also Walshburne Bridge, over Walshburne water in Leathley Pontefract April 23 Car [1647] C 6
Washburne Milne Bridge Wetherby Jan 1658 E 202
Water Hall Bridge, over River Dunne Barnsley Oct 1671 K 26 H 58
Wath Bridge, three little bridges over Dearne between Bolton and Wath called the Holme Causeys at the west side[?] of Bolton Rotherham M 1683 O 158
Weatherby Bridge Wetherby Jan 24 Car [1649] C 123
Wenneing Bridge, in Clapham parish Pontefract April 1653 D
Went Bridge, over Went, parishes of Campsall and Womersley Pontefract April 1652 C 201
Went Bridge, also Haughley Bridge Pontefract April 1662 F 125
West Bradforth Bridge Wetherby Jan 1664 F 195
West Halton Bridge, over Ribble in Staincliffe wapentake Wetherby Jan 1639 A 102 A 88
Whytegate Foote Bridge Leeds M 1672 H 79
Willowe Bridge, in Campsall and Womersley Pontefract April 1652 C 201
Willowe Bridge, in Arksey and Sprotborough Leeds May 1679 Docs
Winterburne Bridge, over Winterburne water in Gargrave Skipton M 1640 A 124 A 115
Wittiery Bridge, over Spinxburne Knaresborough Oct 1658 E 193
Witter Bridge, over Beshall brooke, Mitton parish Knaresborough Oct 1665 H 35 G 20
Witterton Bridge Skipton M 1688 Q 80
Woodhouse Mill Bridge, over Rother Leeds M 1677 Docs M 127 I 63
Wyke Bridge, between Leeds and Halton Leeds M 1689 Q 122
Yorkshire Bridge, over Rother Doncaster Oct 1658 E 143 E 199