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This is a backup of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and remains unavailable.

The following source list was originally available only on paper in one of the West Yorkshire Archive Service offices. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. It was designed to act as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject, but may relate only to one West Yorkshire district, or be an incomplete list of sources available. Please feel free to add or update with any additional information.

This table contains information on some notable buildings in Bradford for which we hold plans. The building plan numbers in this list relate to the Bradford building plans held on microfiche in the WYAS Bradford searchroom.

Notable buildings

Building Plan number Architect/s Approval date
Manningham Mills 6751, 6947, and 10437 Andrews and Pepper 1871-1879
Brown Muff and Company, Market Street 5995 George Knowles 1869
Bradford Synagogue, Bowland Street 10554 Thomas Healey 1879
Alhambra Theatre (additions) 22484 Chadwick and Watson 1919-1926
Odeon Cinema, Prince's Way 31747 William Illingworth 1930
Talbot Hotel, Kirkgate 9896 Andrews and Pepper 1877
Yorkshire Penny Bank, North Parade 14803 James Ledingham 1891
Children's Hospital, St Mary's Road 13783 James Ledingham 1888
Bradford Fever Hospital, Leeds Road 5912 Andrews and Pepper 1869
Register Office, Manor Row (additions) 9045 Andrews and Pepper 1876

Little Germany

Building Plan number Architect/s Approval date
1 Burnett Street 4465 Milnes and France
2 Burnett Street 3315 Milnes 1862
4/6 Burnett Street 2502 Milnes 1857
5 Burnett Street 2075 Milnes 1858
7/9 Burnett Street 2756 Milnes 1859
8 Burnett Street 2601 Andrews and Delauney 1858
4 Currer Street 2762 Andrews and Delauney 1859
8 Currer Street 3157 Milnes 1861
13 Currer Street 8647 Hope and Jardine 1875
26 East Parade 7289 Milnes and France 1872
61 East Parade 7553 Milnes and France 1873
53 Leeds Road 2417 Milnes 1857
46 Peckover Street 6284 Corson
62 Vicar Lane 5391 Lockwood and Mawson 1868
64 Vicar Lane 4401 Milnes and France 1866
66 Vicar Lane 4184 Milnes and France 1865
39 Well Street 10389 W and R Mawson 1879
47 Well Street 1508 Andrews and Delauney 1854