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This is a backup of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and remains unavailable.

The following source list was originally available only on paper in one of the West Yorkshire Archive Service offices. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. It was designed to act as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject, but may relate only to one West Yorkshire district, or be an incomplete list of sources available. Please feel free to add or update with any additional information.

Records of Mayors and Lord Mayors held at West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford

Name of Mayor Date of office Catalogue Reference Description of document
Robert Milligan (First Mayor) 1847-1848 WYB342/2/10 Photograph of a painting
John Venimore Godwin (Mayor) 1865-1866 DB26/C3/4/55 Programme advertising a Conversazione, 1866
Mark Dawson (Mayor) 1869-1871 DB16/C4/2 Printed letter regarding the taking over of Manningham Park
John Hill (Mayor) 1881-1882 BBD1/40/6/4/4 List of invitations to a reception in honour of the opening of the Technical School
Alderman Thomas Hill (Mayor) 1885-1886 DB6/C26/14 WYB72/2/23 Programme for a banquet in his honour


Alderman William Moulson (Mayor) 1886-1889 DB38/C2/3 Invitations to Walter Sugden on the occasion of visit of Shah of Persia to Bradford
Alderman J L Morley (Mayor) 1887-1888 DB71/C4 Scrapbook, 1888
David Wade (Mayor) 1902-1904 BBD1/1/47 Material regarding a royal visit
J A Godwin (First Lord Mayor) 1906-1907 65D90



Invitation to Mr C A Federer to a conference

Councillor Thomas Blythe (Lord Mayor) 1921-1922 WYB 341 Photographs and newscutting book
Michael Conway (Lord Mayor) 1928-1929 12D84 Newscutting book, 1927-1928
Alderman M F Titterington (Lord Mayor) 1939-1940 WYB 301 Photograph Albums and Scrapbook, 1939-1940
Horace Hird (Lord Mayor) 1951-1952 12D74/5 Invitation to Alderman Hird to attend the handing over ceremony of the New Central Library, 13 April 1967
Angus Crowther (Lord Mayor) 1953-1954 78D96


Illuminated testimonial (1954)

Photograph Album, 1953-1954

Audrey Firth (Lord Mayor) 1972-1973 28D94

28D94/19/6/9 28D94/36/2 28D94/39/1/4 28D94/39/2/3 28D94/10/5/6

Twin towns

Visitors book

Scrapbook (year as Lord Mayor)

Photograph Album (year as Lord Mayor)

Photograph Album


Thomas Edward Hall (Lord Mayor) 1974-1975 63D87/1

63D87/2 63D87/4

Scrapbook - year as deputy Lord Mayor, 1964-1965;

Scrapbook, 1974-1975; Photograph Album

Arnold Lightowler (Lord Mayor) 1980-1981 WYB178/1/5 Presentation and Scrapbook, 1939-1940
Councillor Tony Cairns (Lord Mayor) 1997-1998 12D98 Photograph of tree planting in Peel Park