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A sub-committee was appointed at a meeting of the West Riding County Council's Higher Education Sub-Committee on 10 April 1906 to consider the provision of training college accommodation. This sub-committee reported on 10 July and 31 July 1906 and the first meeting of the Training College Sub-Committee was held on 11 September 1906. At a meeting of the Education Committee on 28 June 1908, Bingley Lady House Estate was approved as a site for the proposed training college. The foundation stone was laid on 24 May 1909 and at a meeting of the Training College Sub-Committee on 5 September 1911 it was recorded that the college would open on 2 October 1911. The signed minutes of the Training College Sub-Committee from 1906 to 19 September 1947 are bound with the minutes of the Higher Education Sub-Committe at WYAS Wakefield under the references WRC/13/252 to WRC/13/292. The volumes are mostly indexed.

At a meeting of the Policy Sub-Committee on 17 June 1947, it was resolved that there should be a committee of management for each training college of which the members would be known as governors and the first committees of management were appointed at a meeting of the Further Education Sub-Committee on 7 October 1947. The first meeting of the Bingley Training College Governing Sub-Committee was held on 24 October 1947. Under the Education Act 1968 it was resolved at a meeting of the Policy Sub-Committee on 9 September 1969 and confirmed at a later meeting on 9 December 1969 that new governing bodies for the colleges of education, constituted in accordance with the Instrument as approved by the Department of Education and Science, should be appointed as from 1 April 1970. The last minutes of the Bingley College of Education Governing Sub-Committee dated 22 May 1970 to be approved by the Further Education Sub-Committee were approved on 16 June 1970. The minute books (indexed) for the Bingley College sub-committee are held at WYAS Wakefield under the reference WRC/13/323 to WRC/13/328.

There are also a number of records referring the dismissal of the College Principal, Mrs G Gunn, disuptes with staff and a student strike (ref: WRD5/6/92). Sir Alec Clegg became involved in trying to resolve the dispute.

See also WYAS, Bradford 43D82 which includes publications 1910-1977, Old Students Association records 1911-1979, College magazines 1912-1978, photographs and drawings 1911-1962, plans 1907-1909, prospectuses 1911-1978, examples of students work 1929-1953. There are also some private deposits which include material relating to the College - WYB41, photographic prints and views 1950-2000; 60D94, a prospectus and examination papers from 1913-1914; and the papers of Mrs D Walton Wood of Bingley, now held at Keighley Library under the reference BK224, which include records of the Alcuin Round Robin c1937-1983, College Magazines c1921-1952 and photographs; also photographs re Morton Banks War Hospital c1914-1918.