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This is a backup of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and remains unavailable.

The following source list was originally available only on paper in one of the West Yorkshire Archive Service offices. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. It was designed to act as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject, but may relate only to one West Yorkshire district, or be an incomplete list of sources available. Please feel free to add or update with any additional information.

Official Records

Batley Borough Council minutes 1869-1974

Batley Borough Fire Brigade ledger/report book l905 KAl30

Batley enclosure award 1803 and enclosure map 1809

Batley Local Board minutes 1853-1869

Batley rate books 1832-1982 and valuations 1837-1974

Batley Township records 1673-1922 KC72 and KC563

Batley Gregory Street Primary School log books 1893-1986

Batley Medical Officer of Health reports 1895-1971 KAl77

West Riding County Council, Education Department, minutes for Batley 1945-1974

Chapel and Church records

Batley Carr Congregational Church records 1893-1996 KC814 see also KC851

Batley Park Road Baptist Church, records 1875-1940 KC1036

Batley Providence Congregational Church, Hanover Street, records 1840-1971 KC384 and KC962

Batley Talbot Street (UMFC) Methodist Church, records 1902-1994 WYK1125

Healey United Reform Church (formerly Healey Congregational), Batley, marriage register 1989-1994 KC989

Soothill Congregational Church, records 1876-1990 KC621

Staincliffe Baptist Church, marriage register 1940-1948 KC516

Family and Personal

Hannah Briggs of Birstall, papers 1865-1995 including Batley Grammar and Batley Girls' Grammar School magazines KC753

T Hampson, land agent to Earl of Wilton, illuminated address from the Batley tenantry, 1874 KC44

Kaye family collection of deeds, including William Healey of Batley 1784-1788 KC725

Alderman Ben Richardson of Batley, papers 1917-1974 DD/BR

Michael Sheard, Batley, appraiser’s licence, 1853 KC1010

Alderman Ben Turner, M.P., Secretary for Mines 1929-1930, scrapbook 1824-1908 DD/BT

Business records

Batley Co-operative Society Limited, 1886-1968 KC63/16

J. Blackburn & Co. Ltd., woollen manufacturers, New Ings Mill, l9th-20th cent.KC197

John Blackburn, shoddy manufacturer, Old Mill, 19th-20th cent.KC196

Brigg and Sons, woollen and worsted manufacturers 1792-1902 KC73

BRB (Residuary) Limited, records re former railway companies 1887-1976 comprising Great Northern Railway, includes railways in Batley WYK1105

F.S. Gladwin, rag merchants, accounts 1915-1958 KC75

Great Northern Railway, Batley Station, 1893-1897 KC144

G. Hemingway & Co., day book 1897-1911 KC77

George H. Hirst, woollen manufacturer, 1868-1970 B/GHH see also additional records WYK1091

James B. Hunt & Sons Limited, rag merchants and shoddy manufacturers, Batley, financial records 1891-1947 KC889

George Jessop, clothing manufacturers and retailers, Station Road, (later Jessops (Tailors) Limited) 1901-1967 KC441

Joseph Newsome & Sons Ltd., woollen manufacturers, Victoria Mills, 1889-1964 KC456

Benjamin Redfearn, druggist and grocer of Wellington Street, Batley, recipe book 1860s KC678

J. & J. Saxton, chemical manure manufacturers, c.1909-1976 B/JJS

James Smith & Co., woollen manufacturers, records 1900-1937 KC811

J.F.T. Spiking & Sons, insurance brokers, registers of insurance policies 1865-1956 including many for businesses in Batley KC71

G. & J. Stubley Ltd., woollen manufacturers, 1863-1912 KC74

J.T. & J. Taylor, woollen manufacturers and merchants, correspondence and statements from Vienna 1873 KC288

Walfox Ltd. (later Howard Lloyd & Co.), manufacturing chemist, 1928-1992 KC774

Walker & Smith (Batley) Limited, textile machine makers 1870-1948, also includes Norton & Son, machine makers, Heckmondwike, ledgers 1877-1895 KC811 and KC927

Yorkshire Private Telephone Company, 1906 KC641


Batley Arts Discussion Group, minutes 1949-1957 KC143

Batley Assemblies Club, minutes 1894-1899 KC175

Batley and Birstall Chamber of Commerce 1910-1974 S/KCC and KC105

Batley Christmas Dole and Charity Organisation 1874-1945 KC239

Batley and District Agricultural Society, accounts 1900-1915 S/BA

Batley and District Nursing Service 1907-1944 KC145

Batley Female Friendly Society sample pages for 1809, 1811, 1815-16, 1847-48 KX373

Batley Mechanics Institute, minutes 1854-1875 KC403

Batley Rotary Club records 1946-1996 KC816

Batley Rugby Union Football Club, minutes 1911-1951 KC141

Batley Trades Council and Labour Party, minutes 1923-1928 DD/BR

Batley Warship Week, Wings for Victory, Salute the Soldier, and Thanksgiving Campaign, Publicity Committee minutes 1941-1944 KC226

National and Local Government Officers' Association, Batley branch, minutes 1919-1947 KC142


Batley enclosure award 1803 and map 1809

Township of Batley, 1756 map of land belonging to J. Taylor

Township of Batley, 1857 plan of ward boundaries


Bagshaw Collection of deeds and other papers 1664-1908 KC82

Batley deed 1697 KC497

Batley deeds relating to Kilpin Hill 1821-1920 KC617

Batley deeds 1703-1923, re property in Commercial Street KA134

Batley Enclosure Award files 1977-1990, re land awarded for quarrying KA136

Batley Library Collection, 1825-1986 includes patents, Board of Surveyors, Tithes, Board of Health, Welfare, Registrar, Overseers’, Holiday Home Fund, Friendly and Trades, Inclosure, Ladies’ Hospital, Town Mission, White Lee Methodist and township records WYK1137 and WYK1137.2

Batley, sale plan and particulars of properties c.1880 KC677

Batley, sale plan of building pland at Mount Pleasant l877 KC622

Healey, Batley, poster re sale of timber trees 1855 KC694

"The Old Hall", Birstall, file 1964-1965 BB (KA173)

Quitclaim 1662, for land at Batley Carr (photocopy) KX345