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The Railway Station, St. George's Square, HuddersfieldThe Railway Station, St. George's Square, Huddersfield
''Put Me Amongst the Girls''"Put Me Amongst the Girls"
''To My Dear Brother at the Front''"To My Dear Brother at the Front"
''Though Far Apart to Memory Dear''"Though Far Apart to Memory Dear"
''Who wants to eat, and what is wealth...''"Who wants to eat, and what is wealth..."
Market Place, Huddersfield.Market Place, Huddersfield
Castle Hill Tower, Huddersfield.Castle Hill Tower, Huddersfield
The Castle, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield.The Castle, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Almondbury Church, Huddersfield.Almondbury Church, Huddersfield
St. George's Square.St. George's Square
Lindley Clock Tower, Huddersfield.Lindley Clock Tower, Huddersfield
Emley Moor T.V. Mast, Huddersfield.Emley Moor T.V. Mast, Huddersfield
Tolson Memorial Museum, HuddersfieldTolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield
The Cenotaph, HuddersfieldThe Cenotaph, Huddersfield
Paddling Pool, Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldPaddling Pool, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Pedestrian Precinct, HuddersfieldPedestrian Precinct, Huddersfield
Princess Alexandra Walk, HuddersfieldPrincess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield
Tolson MuseumTolson Museum
Almondbury Church, HuddersfieldAlmondbury Church, Huddersfield
The New Market Piazzo, HuddersfieldThe New Market Piazzo, Huddersfield
Beaumont ParkBeaumont Park
Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldBeaumont Park, Huddersfield
Market Place, Meltham, HuddersfieldMarket Place, Meltham, Huddersfield
King Street, HuddersfieldKing Street, Huddersfield
Ramsden Street Congregational Church, HuddersfieldRamsden Street Congregational Church, Huddersfield
Fenay Hall, HuddersfieldFenay Hall, Huddersfield
Technical College, HuddersfieldTechnical College, Huddersfield
The Polytechnic, HuddersfieldThe Polytechnic, Huddersfield
Clock tower, Ravensknowle Park, HuddersfieldClock tower, Ravensknowle Park, Huddersfield
Pack Horse Bridge, Marsden, HuddersfieldPack Horse Bridge, Marsden, Huddersfield
The Castle, Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldThe Castle, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Lockwood Viaducts, Park Valley, HuddersfieldLockwood Viaducts, Park Valley, Huddersfield