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1. The First Meeting for the Public Worship of God at Salendine Nook, October 1689The First Meeting for the Public Worship of God at Salendine Nook, October 1689
2. Woodsome HallWoodsome Hall
3. The Clerk's HouseThe Clerk's House
4. All Hallows, AlmondburyAll Hallows, Almondbury
5. Doorway of Wormald HallDoorway of Wormald Hall
6. One End of the old Village StocksOne End of the old Village Stocks
7. Wormald HallWormald Hall
8. King James' Grammar SchoolKing James' Grammar School
9. Fitzwilliam Street Church, HuddersfieldFitzwilliam Street Church, Huddersfield
10. St. Thomas's Church, BradleySt. Thomas's Church, Bradley
11. Burlington HouseBurlington House
12. Denby Grange, YorkshireDenby Grange, Yorkshire
13. T. Brook and Co.T. Brook and Co.
14. Victoria Printing WorksVictoria Printing Works
15. Longroyd Bridge MillsLongroyd Bridge Mills
16. Collegiate School, HuddersfieldCollegiate School, Huddersfield
17. Huddersfield InfirmaryHuddersfield Infirmary
18. The Church of Burton.The Church of Burton.
19. Fred Marshall & Co. Ltd. of Huddersfield.Fred Marshall & Co. Ltd. of Huddersfield.
20. Zion Sunday School, Lindley.Zion Sunday School, Lindley.
21. Thorncliffe Street Methodist Church, Lindley.Thorncliffe Street Methodist Church, Lindley.
22. Graham and Jessop of Moldgreen, Huddersfield.Graham and Jessop of Moldgreen, Huddersfield.
23. John Eccles Ltd. of Huddersfield.John Eccles Ltd. of Huddersfield.
24. Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood.Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood.
25. Bridge Dyeworks, Honley.Bridge Dyeworks, Honley.
26. The Oldest Mill in the Colne ValleyThe Oldest Mill in the Colne Valley
27. Huddersfield Parish ChurchHuddersfield Parish Church
28. Almondbury Parish ChurchAlmondbury Parish Church
29. Huddersfield in 1830Huddersfield in 1830
30. Illustrated London News (06/Jun/1874)Illustrated London News (06/Jun/1874)
31. Huddersfield Chronicle (28/Nov/1857).Huddersfield Chronicle (28/Nov/1857).
32. Huddersfield from Almondbury Bank in 1831Huddersfield from Almondbury Bank in 1831
33. Estate Buildings, HuddersfieldEstate Buildings, Huddersfield
34. The Grave of Robin HoodThe Grave of Robin Hood
35. The Arms of HuddersfieldThe Arms of Huddersfield
36. Bygone Yorkshire - Robin Hood's GraveBygone Yorkshire - Robin Hood's Grave
37. Bygone Yorkshire - Priory LodgeBygone Yorkshire - Priory Lodge
38. View of the Reservoir from Below, Looking Towards the HillsView of the Reservoir from Below, Looking Towards the Hills
39. Convalescent Home, MelthamConvalescent Home, Meltham
40. Woodsome Hall, Huddersfield, in 1850Woodsome Hall, Huddersfield, in 1850
41. Engraving of Huddersfield Market PlaceEngraving of Huddersfield Market Place
42. Assassination of William HorsfallAssassination of William Horsfall
43. Highfield Chapel Huddersfield (1772-1843)Highfield Chapel Huddersfield (1772-1843)
44. Lord Houghton Unveiling the Statue of Sir R. Peel at Huddersfield.Lord Houghton Unveiling the Statue of Sir R. Peel at Huddersfield.