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Bamforth: ''It's a Long Way to Tipperary'' [4831 4/4]Bamforth: "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" [4831 4/4]
Bamforth: ''The Lost Chord'' [4830 4/4]Bamforth: "The Lost Chord" [4830 4/4]
Bamforth: ''Thora'' [4779 4/4]Bamforth: "Thora" [4779 4/4]
Bank Buildings, MelthamBank Buildings, Meltham
The Banks, Near Fixby, HuddersfieldThe Banks, Near Fixby, Huddersfield
Bay Hall, HuddersfieldBay Hall, Huddersfield
Bertram Mills' Circus & MenagerieBertram Mills' Circus & Menagerie
Blackburn's of Victoria Lane, Huddersfield.Blackburn's of Victoria Lane, Huddersfield
Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, HuddersfieldBlackmoorfoot Reservoir, Huddersfield
Borough EngineerBorough Engineer
Bowling Green and Castle, KnaresboroughBowling Green and Castle, Knaresborough
Brownhill Reservoir - plate 4Brownhill Reservoir - plate 4
Butternab WoodButternab Wood
Carr Bridge, Denby DaleCarr Bridge, Denby Dale
Castle Hill Tower, HuddersfieldCastle Hill Tower, Huddersfield
Cat Inn, Mill Moor Road, MelthamCat Inn, Mill Moor Road, Meltham
Colne Valley, HuddersfieldColne Valley, Huddersfield
Colne Valley, HuddersfieldColne Valley, Huddersfield
Doorway of Wormald HallDoorway of Wormald Hall
Entrance to Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldEntrance to Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Entrance to Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldEntrance to Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Farm Animal ExhibitsFarm Animal Exhibits
Fenay Hall, HuddersfieldFenay Hall, Huddersfield
Flood Oak, Digley.Flood Oak, Digley
George William Tomlinson (1837-1897)George William Tomlinson (1837-1897)
Greenhead High School (1945)Greenhead High School (1945)
Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldGreenhead Park, Huddersfield
Greetings from HuddersfieldGreetings from Huddersfield
Harry Lodge, Fish Dealer, SkelmanthorpeHarry Lodge, Fish Dealer, Skelmanthorpe
Harry MellorHarry Mellor
H. Buckley of LockwoodH. Buckley of Lockwood
Health DepartmentHealth Department
Heywood's of Buxton RoadHeywood's of Buxton Road
Highfield Congregational ChurchHighfield Congregational Church
Holmbridge Church, HolmfirthHolmbridge Church, Holmfirth
Huddersfield & District Amateur Light Opera SocietyHuddersfield & District Amateur Light Opera Society
Huddersfield CemeteryHuddersfield Cemetery
Interior of St. Bartholomew, MelthamInterior of St. Bartholomew, Meltham
J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh Ltd.J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh Ltd
Lees Mill, GolcarLees Mill, Golcar
Lion Chambers, HuddersfieldLion Chambers, Huddersfield
Locke Park, BarnsleyLocke Park, Barnsley
Lockwood Viaducts, HuddersfieldLockwood Viaducts, Huddersfield
Locomotive 42384 at Berry Brow.Locomotive 42384 at Berry Brow
Lower Hall Mill, South CroslandLower Hall Mill, South Crosland
Lower Lake, Greenhead ParkLower Lake, Greenhead Park
Main Avenue, Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldMain Avenue, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Market Place, HuddersfieldMarket Place, Huddersfield
Market Place, HuddersfieldMarket Place, Huddersfield
Meltham Mills Brass BandMeltham Mills Brass Band
Meltham StationMeltham Station
Milnsbridge Methodist Church.Milnsbridge Methodist Church
Motor Waggon Smash on Boardhill MoorsMotor Waggon Smash on Boardhill Moors
Nab End Tower, Longwood, HuddersfieldNab End Tower, Longwood, Huddersfield
Newhouse Wood, near HuddersfieldNewhouse Wood, near Huddersfield
The New Market Piazzo, HuddersfieldThe New Market Piazzo, Huddersfield
New Street, HuddersfieldNew Street, Huddersfield
Nont Sarah's Hotel, ScammondenNont Sarah's Hotel, Scammonden
Oakes Board SchoolOakes Board School
Old Street, Kirkgate, HuddersfieldOld Street, Kirkgate, Huddersfield
Orchestra, Greenhead ParkOrchestra, Greenhead Park
Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1943)Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1943)
Portrait by E. Greaves of HalifaxPortrait by E. Greaves of Halifax
Portrait by J.W. BoyesPortrait by J.W. Boyes
Portrait by PentneyPortrait by Pentney
Portrait by Pentney of South ParadePortrait by Pentney of South Parade
Portrait by Reginald SpurrPortrait by Reginald Spurr
Portrait by W. TownendPortrait by W. Townend
Rose and Crown Inn, KirkgateRose and Crown Inn, Kirkgate
Royal Visit to Holmfirth (1927)Royal Visit to Holmfirth (1927)
Scapegoat Hill Board SchoolScapegoat Hill Board School
School PhotographSchool Photograph
Shaw & Shaw Ltd.Shaw & Shaw Ltd
The Station, Huddersfield.The Station, Huddersfield
St. Bartholomew, MelthamSt. Bartholomew, Meltham
St. George's Square, HuddersfieldSt. George's Square, Huddersfield
St. John's Church, HuddersfieldSt. John's Church, Huddersfield
Storth Farm, HuddersfieldStorth Farm, Huddersfield
St. Paul's Church, HuddersfieldSt. Paul's Church, Huddersfield
Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
Studio portraitStudio portrait
Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
Suffragettes Hard at WorkSuffragettes Hard at Work
Theatre Royal: Star Variety and Famous London Attractions (1955)Theatre Royal: Star Variety and Famous London Attractions (1955)
Thunder Bridge, near Kirkburton.Thunder Bridge, near Kirkburton
Thunder Bridge near Kirkburton.Thunder Bridge near Kirkburton
Trafalgar Mills, Leeds Road, HuddersfieldTrafalgar Mills, Leeds Road, Huddersfield
Upper Moors, GolcarUpper Moors, Golcar
Victorian Post Box, Dunford Road, Underbank, Holmfirth (© Richard Hutson)Victorian Post Box, Dunford Road, Underbank, Holmfirth (© Richard Hutson)
Victoria Tower, design by Edward C.H. MaidmanVictoria Tower, design by Edward C.H. Maidman
Wakefield Road, HuddersfieldWakefield Road, Huddersfield
Waterfall, Rake Dyke, HolmfirthWaterfall, Rake Dyke, Holmfirth
Westgate, HuddersfieldWestgate, Huddersfield
William Whiteley and Sons LimitedWilliam Whiteley and Sons Limited
Wilshaw Parish Church MemorialWilshaw Parish Church Memorial
Winky's Strategem (1914)Winky's Strategem (1914)
Wood Cottage HotelWood Cottage Hotel