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1. Meltham Branch Line bridgeMeltham Branch Line bridge
2. Holmfirth A.F.C. Cup Team, 1906/07Holmfirth A.F.C. Cup Team, 1906/07
3. Folly Dolly Falls, Meltham.Folly Dolly Falls, Meltham.
4. Grand Concert at Ritz Cinema (1945).Grand Concert at Ritz Cinema (1945).
5. Beast Market and Kirkgate, Huddersfield (Albert T. Pile)Beast Market and Kirkgate, Huddersfield (Albert T. Pile)
6. King Street, HuddersfieldKing Street, Huddersfield
7. Frank CooperFrank Cooper
8. St. John's Church, GolcarSt. John's Church, Golcar
9. The Castle, FixbyThe Castle, Fixby
10. The Bioscope (24 June 1915)The Bioscope (24 June 1915)
11. Conservative Club, Armitage Bridge.Conservative Club, Armitage Bridge.
12. General View, GolcarGeneral View, Golcar
13. Canal, SlaithwaiteCanal, Slaithwaite
14. Scar Top, NethertonScar Top, Netherton
15. Woodhouse Church, HuddersfieldWoodhouse Church, Huddersfield
16. Berry Brow StationBerry Brow Station
17. Huddersfield Atalanta Club Footbool Team 1921Huddersfield Atalanta Club Footbool Team 1921
18. UpperthongUpperthong
19. Portrait by F.A. WilkinsonPortrait by F.A. Wilkinson
20. Lowerhead Row, Beast MarketLowerhead Row, Beast Market
21. Woodhouse Hill, HuddersfieldWoodhouse Hill, Huddersfield
22. Last Passenger Train from MelthamLast Passenger Train from Meltham
23. Portrait by Jno. E. ShawPortrait by Jno. E. Shaw
24. Rushworths, HuddersfieldRushworths, Huddersfield
25. New Street, HuddersfieldNew Street, Huddersfield
26. Portrait by J.E. ShawPortrait by J.E. Shaw
27. Junction, Marsden.Junction, Marsden.
28. High Street, NewsomeHigh Street, Newsome
29. "The Mayor's Babies" Garden Party, Lindley''The Mayor's Babies'' Garden Party, Lindley
30. Photograph of textile workers.Photograph of textile workers.
31. Huddersfield Methodist Choir (1955)Huddersfield Methodist Choir (1955)
32. Panoramic view of HuddersfieldPanoramic view of Huddersfield
33. Sir Joseph Crosland (1826-1909).Sir Joseph Crosland (1826-1909).
34. Leeds Mercury (17/Mar/1927)Leeds Mercury (17/Mar/1927)
35. Portrait by T. IllingworthPortrait by T. Illingworth
36. Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldBeaumont Park, Huddersfield
37. Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1948)Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1948)
38. Annual Longwood Music Festival (1975)Annual Longwood Music Festival (1975)
39. Shelley ChurchShelley Church
40. Hope Bank, HonleyHope Bank, Honley
41. Meltham Parish Church MemorialMeltham Parish Church Memorial
42. Hall Bower ChapelHall Bower Chapel
43. Health DepartmentHealth Department
44. Gas Board TankerGas Board Tanker
45. Huddersfield Rugby League Team 1948-49Huddersfield Rugby League Team 1948-49
46. Burman and Greenwood Ltd.Burman and Greenwood Ltd.
47. Annual Longwood Music Festival (1973)Annual Longwood Music Festival (1973)
48. Technical Institute, Holmfirth.Technical Institute, Holmfirth.
49. National Union of Public Employees.National Union of Public Employees.
50. Entrance, Beaumont Park.Entrance, Beaumont Park.
51. Nont Sarah's, ScammondenNont Sarah's, Scammonden
52. Portrait of John Ainley of LindleyPortrait of John Ainley of Lindley
53. Sellers and Co. (Huddersfield)Sellers and Co. (Huddersfield)
54. Lion Chambers, HuddersfieldLion Chambers, Huddersfield
55. Charles Haigh of HuddersfieldCharles Haigh of Huddersfield
56. Old Clough House, HuddersfieldOld Clough House, Huddersfield
57. Spen ValleySpen Valley
58. Netherthong (Albert T. Pile)Netherthong (Albert T. Pile)
59. St. George's Square.St. George's Square.
60. Birkby Hall Road.Birkby Hall Road.
61. Kinematograph Weekly (8 July 1915)Kinematograph Weekly (8 July 1915)
62. Grimscar WoodGrimscar Wood
63. The Merry Widow (1961)The Merry Widow (1961)
64. Bank Buildings, MelthamBank Buildings, Meltham
65. Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood.Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood.
66. Mollicar Wood, Farnley Tyas, HuddersfieldMollicar Wood, Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield
67. Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.
68. Vincent Hatch of HuddersfieldVincent Hatch of Huddersfield
69. Deanhead Church, ScammondenDeanhead Church, Scammonden
70. King Street, HuddersfieldKing Street, Huddersfield
71. Brook Motors Limited of Huddersfield.Brook Motors Limited of Huddersfield.
72. TramcarTramcar
73. Portrait by John Vincent HatchPortrait by John Vincent Hatch
74. Installation of Bro. John Pyrah (1897)Installation of Bro. John Pyrah (1897)
75. More Memories of Huddersfield (1997)More Memories of Huddersfield (1997)
76. Landscape now covered with reservoir, HardenLandscape now covered with reservoir, Harden
77. Bilberry Reservoir, HolmfirthBilberry Reservoir, Holmfirth
78. Town Hall, HuddersfieldTown Hall, Huddersfield
79. School ChildrenSchool Children
80. Victoria Tower, HuddersfieldVictoria Tower, Huddersfield
81. Huddersfield Old Boys' R.F.C. (Rugby Football Club) charity competition (1946).Huddersfield Old Boys' R.F.C. (Rugby Football Club) charity competition (1946).
82. Warehouse, Aspley, HuddersfieldWarehouse, Aspley, Huddersfield
83. Dorothy LangleyDorothy Langley
84. Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society: The Marriage Market (1920)Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society: The Marriage Market (1920)
85. Cook's StudyCook's Study
86. Portrait by H. Kruger & SonsPortrait by H. Kruger & Sons
87. Marks Bottoms, HolmfirthMarks Bottoms, Holmfirth
88. Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Oakes Branch (Grocery)Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Oakes Branch (Grocery)
89. Sale of Work, Shelley Parish ChurchSale of Work, Shelley Parish Church
90. Somerset Bridge, HuddersfieldSomerset Bridge, Huddersfield
91. J. Holroyd & Co. Ltd.J. Holroyd & Co. Ltd.
92. Show Boat (1956)Show Boat (1956)
93. Bamforth: "Don't Go Down the Mine, Dad" [4583 1/4]Bamforth: ''Don't Go Down the Mine, Dad'' [4583 1/4]
94. Greetings from MelthamGreetings from Meltham
95. Royal Visit, Holmfirth, Aug 5th 1927Royal Visit, Holmfirth, Aug 5th 1927
96. Lord's Mill, HonleyLord's Mill, Honley
97. "A Century of Progress 1868-1968"''A Century of Progress 1868-1968''
98. One End of the old Village StocksOne End of the old Village Stocks
99. Henry Krüger of HuddersfieldHenry Krüger of Huddersfield
100. Glamorous Night (1952)Glamorous Night (1952)