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Cook's Study, HolmfirthCook's Study, Holmfirth
Bamforth: ''I Can Hear Your Mother's Voice'' [4592 1/3]Bamforth: "I Can Hear Your Mother's Voice" [4592 1/3]
Three Original Tunes.Three Original Tunes
Huddersfield Methodist Choir (1955)Huddersfield Methodist Choir (1955)
The Fountain, Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldThe Fountain, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Portrait by Jno. E. Shaw of Burlington HousePortrait by Jno. E. Shaw of Burlington House
J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh Ltd.J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh Ltd
Westgate, HuddersfieldWestgate, Huddersfield
Portrait by Wm. HirstPortrait by Wm. Hirst
Lord Houghton Unveiling the Statue of Sir R. Peel at Huddersfield.Lord Houghton Unveiling the Statue of Sir R. Peel at Huddersfield
The Bioscope (10 June 1915) The Bioscope (10 June 1915)
Crippled Girls' Floral Exhibition, Town Hall, HuddersfieldCrippled Girls' Floral Exhibition, Town Hall, Huddersfield
Kiddie's Pool, Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldKiddie's Pool, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Carlile Institute, MelthamCarlile Institute, Meltham
May Valley from NethertonMay Valley from Netherton
Portrait by H. KrugerPortrait by H. Kruger
Brook Motors Ltd of Huddersfield.Brook Motors Ltd of Huddersfield
Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldGreenhead Park, Huddersfield
L.B. Holliday & Co. Ltd.L.B. Holliday & Co. Ltd
Bradshaw Mills fire, HonleyBradshaw Mills fire, Honley
Scar Top, NethertonScar Top, Netherton
Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
Hall Heys, Meltham Road.Hall Heys, Meltham Road
Cross Church Street, HuddersfieldCross Church Street, Huddersfield
Studio portraitStudio portrait
Path to ''Isle of Skye'', MarsdenPath to "Isle of Skye", Marsden
Shoulder of Mutton, New MillShoulder of Mutton, New Mill
Huddersfield Building SocietyHuddersfield Building Society
The Entrance, Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldThe Entrance, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Old Boat House and FIsh Pond, MilnsbridgeOld Boat House and FIsh Pond, Milnsbridge
William WilkinsonWilliam Wilkinson
Broadhead's MillBroadhead's Mill
Tramcar No. 119Tramcar No. 119
''A Century of Progress 1868-1968''"A Century of Progress 1868-1968"
School ChildrenSchool Children
Lower Greave, WilshawLower Greave, Wilshaw
Pear Lake, Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldPear Lake, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Tolson Museum ExhibitsTolson Museum Exhibits
St. Georges Square, HuddersfieldSt. Georges Square, Huddersfield
Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1945)Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1945)
Holmfirth Football TeamHolmfirth Football Team
Entrance to Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldEntrance to Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Thorpes, SkelmanthorpeThorpes, Skelmanthorpe
Wessenden Valley, Marsden near HuddersfieldWessenden Valley, Marsden near Huddersfield
Market Place, HuddersfieldMarket Place, Huddersfield
Grand Concert at Meltham Oddfellows' HallGrand Concert at Meltham Oddfellows' Hall
Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldBeaumont Park, Huddersfield
The Walk, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield.The Walk, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Huddersfield and District War Memorial in Greenhead ParkHuddersfield and District War Memorial in Greenhead Park
Portrait by Sellman & Co.Portrait by Sellman & Co
The Public Library, HuddersfieldThe Public Library, Huddersfield
James Haigh & Co. Ltd.James Haigh & Co. Ltd
Royd Edge Brow, MelthamRoyd Edge Brow, Meltham
West End, SkelmanthorpeWest End, Skelmanthorpe
Victorian Post Box, Station Approach, Honley (© Richard Hutson)Victorian Post Box, Station Approach, Honley (© Richard Hutson)
Kirkgate, HuddersfieldKirkgate, Huddersfield
Bamforth: ''My Heart is Far Away with Lily Bell'' [4524 1/2]Bamforth: "My Heart is Far Away with Lily Bell" [4524 1/2]
Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldBeaumont Park, Huddersfield
Fred Stancliffe Wilkinson (1860-1937).Fred Stancliffe Wilkinson (1860-1937)
Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
Pulpit at All Hallows, KirkburtonPulpit at All Hallows, Kirkburton
Lockwood BreweryLockwood Brewery
Portrait by C.L. LongleyPortrait by C.L. Longley
L.M.S. Railway Station, HuddersfieldL.M.S. Railway Station, Huddersfield
Huddersfield ExcursionHuddersfield Excursion
Borough EngineerBorough Engineer
Old Bridge, Rake Dyke, HolmfirthOld Bridge, Rake Dyke, Holmfirth
Victorian Post Box, Station Road, Holmfirth (© Richard Hutson)Victorian Post Box, Station Road, Holmfirth (© Richard Hutson)
Bamforth: ''Somebody's Boy'' [4791 1/4]Bamforth: "Somebody's Boy" [4791 1/4]
Bamforth: ''Don't Go Down the Mine, Dad'' [4583 2/4]Bamforth: "Don't Go Down the Mine, Dad" [4583 2/4]
Gerald Vyvian Williamson (1903-1940)Gerald Vyvian Williamson (1903-1940)
Ready Money Row, AlmondburyReady Money Row, Almondbury
The Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway - The Penistone Line (1985)The Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway - The Penistone Line (1985)
New Street, HuddersfieldNew Street, Huddersfield
Locomotive 42285 at Holmfirth Railway Station.Locomotive 42285 at Holmfirth Railway Station
Globe Brewery, King Street, HuddersfieldGlobe Brewery, King Street, Huddersfield
Westgate, HuddersfieldWestgate, Huddersfield
King Street, HuddersfieldKing Street, Huddersfield
Lower Hall Mill, South CroslandLower Hall Mill, South Crosland
Across the Reservoir, Meltham MillsAcross the Reservoir, Meltham Mills
Newhouse Wood, near HuddersfieldNewhouse Wood, near Huddersfield
Bryan Road, Edgerton, HuddersfieldBryan Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield
Henry HansonHenry Hanson
Entrance to Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldEntrance to Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Cliffe End Branch (Grocery and Butchering)Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Cliffe End Branch (Grocery and Butchering)
Market Place and John William StreetMarket Place and John William Street
Stork Brothers Ltd.Stork Brothers Ltd
Meltham Mills SchoolMeltham Mills School
Thunder Bridge, near Kirkburton.Thunder Bridge, near Kirkburton
Studio portraitStudio portrait
Dalton GalaDalton Gala
Portrait by W. TownendPortrait by W. Townend
War Memorial, Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldWar Memorial, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
Greenhead Park Gates, HuddersfieldGreenhead Park Gates, Huddersfield
Farnley TyasFarnley Tyas
Beaumont Park, Huddersfield.Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
The Banks, Near Fixby, HuddersfieldThe Banks, Near Fixby, Huddersfield
Wilkinson of New House, HuddersfieldWilkinson of New House, Huddersfield