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1. Dorothy LangleyDorothy Langley
2. Baby LangleyBaby Langley
3. Royal Visit, Holmfirth, Aug 5th 1927Royal Visit, Holmfirth, Aug 5th 1927
4. Holmfirth Wesleyan Centenary, July 1910Holmfirth Wesleyan Centenary, July 1910
5. Oaklands, HolmfirthOaklands, Holmfirth
6. The Maid of the Mountains (1937)The Maid of the Mountains (1937)
7. Crash Site of RAF Mosquito DZ698Crash Site of RAF Mosquito DZ698
8. Whitestone Ironworks of HuddersfieldWhitestone Ironworks of Huddersfield
9. Royal Insurance Company, HuddersfieldRoyal Insurance Company, Huddersfield
10. Portrait by H. KrugerPortrait by H. Kruger
11. Strenuous Suffragettes at the Huddersfield ElectionStrenuous Suffragettes at the Huddersfield Election
12. Milnsbridge ChurchMilnsbridge Church
13. Fitzwilliam Street Church, HuddersfieldFitzwilliam Street Church, Huddersfield
14. Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldGreenhead Park, Huddersfield
15. Mount Wesleyan Mission Hall, LongwoodMount Wesleyan Mission Hall, Longwood
16. BrockholesBrockholes
17. Locke Park, BarnsleyLocke Park, Barnsley
18. St. Peter's Garden and YMCA, HuddersfieldSt. Peter's Garden and YMCA, Huddersfield
19. Glamorous Night (1952)Glamorous Night (1952)
20. Swan Bank Mill, HolmfirthSwan Bank Mill, Holmfirth
21. Borough Architect & Town PlanningBorough Architect & Town Planning
22. Bamforth: "Somewhere" [4809 2/3]Bamforth: ''Somewhere'' [4809 2/3]
23. Bamforth: "I Hear You Calling Me" [4738 3/3]Bamforth: ''I Hear You Calling Me'' [4738 3/3]
24. Bamforth: "The Better Land" [4617 2/3]Bamforth: ''The Better Land'' [4617 2/3]
25. Bamforth: "Who Knows? Who Cares?" [4599 1/3]Bamforth: ''Who Knows? Who Cares?'' [4599 1/3]
26. Folly Doll Falls, MelthamFolly Doll Falls, Meltham
27. Bamforth: "The Miner's Dream of Home" [4729 4/4]Bamforth: ''The Miner's Dream of Home'' [4729 4/4]
28. Bamforth: "I Can Hear Your Mother's Voice" [4592 1/3]Bamforth: ''I Can Hear Your Mother's Voice'' [4592 1/3]
29. Longley Old Hall, HuddersfieldLongley Old Hall, Huddersfield
30. Grand Picture Theatre, HuddersfieldGrand Picture Theatre, Huddersfield
31. Westgate, HuddersfieldWestgate, Huddersfield
32. Mount, HillhouseMount, Hillhouse
33. Katherine "Kitty" ChapmanKatherine ''Kitty'' Chapman
34. Providence Baptist Chapel, SlaithwaiteProvidence Baptist Chapel, Slaithwaite
35. Denby DaleDenby Dale
36. Portrait by F.A. WilkinsonPortrait by F.A. Wilkinson
37. Portrait by W. TownendPortrait by W. Townend
38. Wilshaw Parish Church MemorialWilshaw Parish Church Memorial
39. Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Shears InnHuddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Shears Inn
40. Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Milnsbridge Branch (Grocery)Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited - Milnsbridge Branch (Grocery)
41. Bradley and Colne Bridge Working Men's ClubBradley and Colne Bridge Working Men's Club
42. Farnley Tyas Wesleyan Methodist ChapelFarnley Tyas Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
43. The Banks, near Fixby, HuddersfieldThe Banks, near Fixby, Huddersfield
44. Central (Kayes') CollegeCentral (Kayes') College
45. Portrait by Jno. E. ShawPortrait by Jno. E. Shaw
46. Cliffe & Co. Ltd.Cliffe & Co. Ltd.
47. Boardhill Moor Steam Wagon Accident (1916)Boardhill Moor Steam Wagon Accident (1916)
48. Tramcar at LongwoodTramcar at Longwood
49. Aspinall & Heron Ltd.Aspinall & Heron Ltd.
50. Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd.Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd.
51. Flood Memorial, HolmfirthFlood Memorial, Holmfirth
52. Cook's Study, near HolmfirthCook's Study, near Holmfirth
53. A Winter Scene: The Clough House, Halifax Old Road, HuddersfieldA Winter Scene: The Clough House, Halifax Old Road, Huddersfield
54. L. Marshall & Sons Ltd., HuddersfieldL. Marshall & Sons Ltd., Huddersfield
55. Lodges SupermarketsLodges Supermarkets
56. New Royal Infirmary, ManchesterNew Royal Infirmary, Manchester
57. Huddersfield Railway StationHuddersfield Railway Station
58. Prudential Assurance Buildings, Huddersfield.Prudential Assurance Buildings, Huddersfield.
59. Greenhead Park.Greenhead Park.
60. Brook Motors Limited of Huddersfield.Brook Motors Limited of Huddersfield.
61. Greenhead ParkGreenhead Park
62. Italian Gardens, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.Italian Gardens, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.
63. Bar House, Slaithwaite.Bar House, Slaithwaite.
64. Mollicar Wood, Farnley.Mollicar Wood, Farnley.
65. Brownhill Reservoir.Brownhill Reservoir.
66. Huddersfield Railway Station.Huddersfield Railway Station.
67. Sykes & Cartwright of Huddersfield.Sykes & Cartwright of Huddersfield.
68. James Beaumont & Sons of HonleyJames Beaumont & Sons of Honley
69. Market Place, Meltham.Market Place, Meltham.
70. Ramsden Reservoir, near Holmfirth, Batley Corporation Water Supply.Ramsden Reservoir, near Holmfirth, Batley Corporation Water Supply.
71. Reservoir, Meltham MillsReservoir, Meltham Mills
72. Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
73. Sykes, Albert Studio, LindleySykes, Albert Studio, Lindley
74. Punch: "Her First Jump" (05/Dec/1906)Punch:  ''Her First Jump'' (05/Dec/1906)
75. Meltham Town HallMeltham Town Hall
76. Oddfellows' Hall, MelthamOddfellows' Hall, Meltham
77. Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
78. Old Street, Kirkgate, HuddersfieldOld Street, Kirkgate, Huddersfield
79. Studio PortraitStudio Portrait
80. Jno. E. ShawJno. E. Shaw
81. Portrait by W.C. PearsonPortrait by W.C. Pearson
82. Arrest of Dora ThewlisArrest of Dora Thewlis
83. The Royal Visit to Huddersfield (1883)The Royal Visit to Huddersfield (1883)
84. Low Westwood Upper MillLow Westwood Upper Mill
85. Cottage Homes, NethertonCottage Homes, Netherton
86. Cross Church Street, HuddersfieldCross Church Street, Huddersfield
87. Coat of arms of the Huddersfield Building SocietyCoat of arms of the Huddersfield Building Society
88. Wilshaw ChurchWilshaw Church
89. Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldGreenhead Park, Huddersfield
90. Lord's Mill, HonleyLord's Mill, Honley
91. Lord's Mill, HonleyLord's Mill, Honley
92. The Buildings of Huddersfield (2005)The Buildings of Huddersfield (2005)
93. 1906 map showing the location of Beaumont Park Lake1906 map showing the location of Beaumont Park Lake
94. Beaumont Park, HuddersfieldBeaumont Park, Huddersfield
95. The Fountain, Greenhead Park, HuddersfieldThe Fountain, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
96. Market Place, Meltham.Market Place, Meltham.
97. Royal Infirmary, HuddersfieldRoyal Infirmary, Huddersfield
98. Blackmoorfoot, LinthwaiteBlackmoorfoot, Linthwaite
99. Old Bay Hall, HuddersfieldOld Bay Hall, Huddersfield
100. Huddersfield Parish ChurchHuddersfield Parish Church