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Bottoms Wood, Slaithwaite.jpg
Undated hand-coloured postcard of Bottoms Wood, Slaithwaite.
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Brittania Road, Slaithwaite.jpg
Undated photograph of Britannia Road in Slaithwaite.
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Bar House, Slaithwaite.jpg
Undated photograph of the Bar House on Varley Road. The road leading to the bottom-right (Bottoms Lane) ran down to the former Bottoms Brewery.
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Slaithwaite Spinning Co. Limited.jpg
Invoice for the Slaithwaite Spinning Co. Limited of Slaithwaite.
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Joseph Sykes & Son of Slaithwaite.jpg
Invoice for colliery agents Joseph Sykes & Son of Slaithwaite.
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Godfrey Woodhead & Son of Slaithwaite.jpg
Invoice for chemical manufacturers Godfrey Woodhead & Son of Slaithwaite.
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Postcard showing the bandstand in the grounds near Slaithwaite Spa Baths. The bandstand had been demolished by the late 1960s.
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