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Spring Grove School.jpg
Undated photograph of Spring Grove School in Huddersfield. The main building towards the far end was the boys and girls school, whilst the building to its right (which no longer exists) was the infants school.
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Undated school photograph of Greenhead High School for Girls.
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1945 annual school photograph for Greenhead High School for Girls.
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Programme for Greenhead High School for Girls' Speech Day, 1948.
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Undated photographic album of an unnamed school by photographer George Holdsworth (1864-1940) of Dean Bridge near Holmfirth. The initials of the school are "B.C.S." and a date stone reads "1907". The photographs were likely taken circa 1913.…
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Class photograph from Rashcliffe Church of England School, Lockwood, taken in 1927.A high-resolution scan of this photograph is available to purchase for £2.50.
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Photograph of a cricket team from Bradley Voluntary Junior School, Huddersfield.
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Linthwaite Council School 1920s.jpg
Photograph of school children at Linthwaite Council School, believed to date from the 1920s.
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Undated postcard of the Technical Institute on Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, at the junction with Bridge Lane.
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Holme Valley Grammer School, Honley.jpg
Undated photograph of the grammar school in Honley.
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