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Penistone Viaduct February 1916.jpg
Photograph showing the aftermath of the collapse of an arch of Penistone Viaduct on 3 February 1916.

Illustrated London News 29 April 1905.jpg
"THE HUDDERSFIELD RAILWAY SMASH: A TELESCOPED COACH. On April 21, while a London and North-Western engine, with two coaches, was being shunted out of Huddersfield Railway Station, it came into collision with the 1.50 train from Bradford. The first…

Runaway Wreckage at Clayton West Oct 17 1913.jpg
Although dated 17 October 1913, the only newspaper reference located during research was to an accident which occurred on 28 October when a goods train laden with coal from the Hillhouse Sidings (en route to Clayton West) accidentally decoupled near…