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Princess Theatre, Northumberland Street.jpg
Undated photograph Princess Picture Palace, which opened in May 1923 and closed in 1982.
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Undated photograph of Northgate, Huddersfield, near the junction with Northumberland Street, looking south towards Shorehead. The majority of buildings in the photograph were demolished during the building of the the eastern section (named Southgate)…
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Baddeley Bros. Ltd., Northumberland Street, Huddersifeld (1955).jpg
1955 advert for coach hire firm Baddeley Bros. Ltd. of Northumberland Street, Huddersfield.
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A membership and payment card for the Huddersfield Branch of the National Union of Public Employees for the year 1965-66. The branch met at the Friendly & Trades Club on Northumberland Street.
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The first Post Office on Northumberland Street was designed by architect William Henry Crossland (1835-1908) and was built 1874-75.
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Photograph of the General Post Office on Northumberland Street, taken circa 1906..
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