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Plan Shewing Discoveries in 1865-6 at Slack.jpg
Illustration for "On the Roman Station at Slack" in Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal (1870).
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Leeds Mercury 10 December 1931.png
Photo article from the Leeds Mercury about the written offer by Harold Simpson of Sheffield to marry any of the Upperthong "Thong Birds" chorus line.
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Leeds Mercury 03 February 1933.png
Photo article from the Leeds Mercury showing the "Thong Birds" of Upperthong in rehearsals.
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The Sketch 31 December 1930.png
1930 article from the London-based journal "The Sketch" which includes a photograph of the Upperthong "Thong Birds" chorus line.
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Boiler Explosion at Upper Aspley Mill, Huddersfield, which occured around 2:10pm on 23 November 1857.
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Engraving by C. Fenn of the Ramsden Estate Buildings from Thomas Baines' Yorkshire, Past and Present: A History and a Description of the Three Ridings of the Great County of York (volume 2, part 2), published in 1875. The illustration is of interest…
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Design for Victoria Tower by Edward C.H. Maidman (1886-1919) of Edinburgh. When he wasn't successful, Maidman resubmitted the exact same design a few years later for the Sir Hector McDonald Monument in Dingwall, Scotland (again unsuccessful).
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Illustration from the Building News (27/Jul/1877). Huddersfield Corporation acquired the market rights from the Ramsden Estate in 1876 and then ran a competition to design a new market hall to be situated on King Street. Architect George Edmund…
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From The Architect (04/Feb/1871). Further details:
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