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Hand-coloured postcard showing Lockwood Viaduct with Meltham Junction in the foreground. The line going to the right is the Meltham Branch Line.
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Photo postcard of Lockwood Viaduct, with Meltham Road and Beaumont Park in the background.
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Hand-tinted postcard of Lockwood Viaduct, with Meltham Branch Line in the foreground. The view is looking towards Newsome and Castle Hill.
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Undated postcard of the lower entrance to Beaumont Park, with Lockwood Viaduct in the distance.
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An undated photograph showing Lockwood Viaduct and Dungeon Wood to its left. The photographer was likely standing near Dog Hall, Meltham Road, looking north east.
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Undated postcard of Lockwood Viaduct. The properties that can just be seen at the lower-right are Dungeon Cottages.
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The viewpoint is from the upper level of Beaumont Park.
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"Lockwood Viaduct" by artist Brian Fawcett. The train in the foreground is on the Meltham Branch Line.
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