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Undated photograph of a steam tram on the Lockwood route.

Undated photograph of Rashcliffe Hill taken from near Folly Hall.

1950s advertisement for Crowther & Vickerman Limited of Crosland Moor Mills, Huddersfield.

1950s advertisement for Gledhill Bros. & Co. Ltd. of Broadfield Mills, Lockwood.

1950s advertisement for Allen Priest & Sons Limited of Bath Mills, Lockwood.

Crosland Moor C of E School 1907.jpg
Photograph of the children of Group 2, Crosland Moor Church of England School, from 1907.

Damaged 1908 apportionment notice for street repairs sent to James Rushworth of 12 Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. The total paid was £2 11s 1d on 21 July 1908.

Undated wines and spirits catalogue for Bentley & Shaw Ltd.'s Lockwood Brewery.

Undated photograph, presumably from the during the First World War, captioned "Shaw Son and Greenhalgh, Albert Works, Huddersfield". It is uncertain if the photograph was taken at Albert Works or if the soldiers were employees of the company.

Small pocket booklet for the Rashcliffe Parish Communicants' Union, including the "Objects of Union" and "Rules of Life and Conduct for Communicants". The item belonged to Ellen Bower (1853-1940) of 15 Albany Terrace and is dated 28 May 1892. Ellen…

Class photograph from Rashcliffe Church of England School, Lockwood, taken in 1927.A high-resolution scan of this photograph is available to purchase for £2.50.

Order note from fancy worsted manufacturers Kate & Stewart of Broadfield Mills, Lockwood, Huddersfield, to Gledhill & Roberts Ltd. of Honley.

Undated photograph of the former bookshop at Lockwood.

Photograph from "A Descriptive Account of Huddersfield", published circa 1900.

Photograph from "A Descriptive Account of Huddersfield", published circa 1900.

Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood.jpg
Engraving of Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood, taken from a letterhead for William Whiteley & Sons, Limited.

Advertisement from the 1951 Huddersfield Corporation Social Services in Huddersfield booklet.

An undated photograph showing Lockwood Viaduct and Dungeon Wood to its left. The photographer was likely standing near Dog Hall, Meltham Road, looking north east.

Invoice for J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh Ltd. of Albert Works, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

This is a copy of the diagram submitted to the Board of Trade by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company in May 1874 (reproduced from the copy held in the Board of Trade's archives). Unfortunately, the diagram is only meant to show the position…

1879 map showing the extent of Dungeon Wood and the proposed section to be included in Beaumont Park (shaded in a darker grey). The map has been kindly provided by the Friends of Beaumont Park. The map was prepared by the Borough Surveyor, John Henry…
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