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Undated booklet (possibly published circa 1895) containing an illustrated description of Huddersfield along with details of Lockwood Brewery.
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Undated wines and spirits catalogue for Bentley & Shaw Ltd.'s Lockwood Brewery.
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Engraving of Bentley & Shaw Ltd.'s Lockwood Brewery.
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Two receipts for Yorkshire County Cricket Club from 1961.
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Set of rules for Fitzwilliam Street Church, Huddersfield, dated February 1891.
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Promotional leaflet from 1924. "Mr Spencer" was likely the Rev. C.E.G. Spencer, the vicar of St. Bartholomew, Marsden.
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Three original compositions by organist Fred Townend (born c.1851) of Bank Bottom, Shelley.
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"Town & Trade" glee composed by Joseph Yarwood of Manchester and published by George Horsfall of Lion Arcade, Huddersfield.
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Leaflet for a lecture by the Honourable Lady Barlow on the topic of "The Union of Democratic Control" at the schoolroom of the Fitzwilliam Street Church. Although the year is not given, it may have been 1920.
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1948 ballot paper for the committee of the Huddersfield Thespians.
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Two-sided leaflet for an evening concert of music by the Band of the 8th Leeds Rifles Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment in Greenhead Park on Sunday 1 September 1929. The leaftlet contains advertisements for: Princess Cafe Restaurant chiropdist T.…
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14 page booklet for the 33rd annual Skelmanthorpe Feast Musical Festival, held in July 1936.
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A memorial pamphlet, which is missing the cover and final page(s).The couple, who were courting, had attended a Christian Endeavour Society meeting at Norland on the evening of 20 January 1903. After the meeting, they set off to walk home together to…
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A West Yorkshire Freemason's "In Memoriam" booklet published in April 1910, containing obituaries for: Thomas Hill (1825-1891) of Bradford Fountain Read (1843-1909) of Leeds Walter Wright (1853-1909) of Halifax Benjamin Oates (1836-1910) of Dewsbury
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Certificate of membership dated 8 May 1948 for George Rodney Beardsell, who was born in 1944 in the Huddersfield area.
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4 page leaflet for a charity seven-a-side competition organised by Huddersfield Old Boys' R.F.C. (Rugby Football Club) at Waterloo. The leaflet includes advertisements for: Huddersfield Building Society H.G Heaton, radio engineer of Honley &…
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Invoices from wholesale woollen & trimming merchants Fred Marshall & Co. Ltd. of Lord Street, Huddersfield.
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Hymn pamphlet for Wooldale & District Sunday Schools of Wooldale Free Church and Wooldale Methodist Church service held on Saturday 26 June 1971. The service was followed by a gala held at the Sycamore Playing Fields, which included a piano…
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A membership and payment card for the Huddersfield Branch of the National Union of Public Employees for the year 1965-66. The branch met at the Friendly & Trades Club on Northumberland Street.
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A faded and fragile business card for photographer John Edward Shaw of Burlington House, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.
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Pamphlet for a "Grand Musical Service" featuring selections from "Elijah" held at Crosland Moor United Methodist Church on Sunday 24 November 1907. The back page features an advertisement for the music shop of J. Wood & Sons Ltd. of 67 New Street,…
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Souvenir programme for the Huddersfield Amateur Light Opera Society's "Wild Violets", performed at the A.B.C. Cinema in Huddersfield in February and March 1963. The programme contains adverts for: Huddersfield & Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank, Buxton…
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Engraving from a letterhead of Fred Marshall & Co. Ltd. of Lord Street, Huddersfield.
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Undated judge's score sheet from the Mrs Sunderland Musical Competition, awarded a competitor 86 marks out of 100.
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Portrait of Sir Joseph Crosland, the Member of Parliament for Huddersfield from 1893 to 1895. The item was presented with the "Huddersfield Ha'porth" in June 1892.
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Promotional material for a concert given by the Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards at Huddersfield Town Hall in September 1961.
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Photograph of a cricket team from Bradley Voluntary Junior School, Huddersfield.
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Undated selection of autumn styles by Rushworths department store, Westgate, Huddersfield.
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