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Victoria Tower, Stone Laying Ceremony.jpg
Reproduced by Philip Ahier's book "The Story of Castle Hill" (1946). The photograph is captioned: "R.W. Harper, Sir J.F. Ramsden, Sir J.A. Brooke, I. Hordern, E. Brooke, Sir John W. Rasmden, W.H. Jessop".
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Undated photograph of Castle Hill, likely taken from near Farnley Tyas.
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Illustration of Isaac Jones' winning design for the Jubilee Tower, Castle Hill. The accompanying article is: CASTLE HILL TOWER, HUDDERSFIELD. On Saturday last, the 25th inst., the foundation-stone of this building was laid by Mr. J. Frecheville…
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Design for Victoria Tower by Edward C.H. Maidman (1886-1919) of Edinburgh. When he wasn't successful, Maidman resubmitted the exact same design a few years later for the Sir Hector McDonald Monument in Dingwall, Scotland (again unsuccessful).
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The viewpoint is from Beaumont Park, with Woodfield House in the lower foreground.
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