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1926 advertisement for hairdresser Miss Copley of 9 Byram Street, Huddersfield.
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1926 advertisement for Huddersfield Corporation Gas Department, with showrooms at 2 Byram Street.
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George Fox, The Arts and Crafts Shop, 10 Byram Street, Huddersifeld (1950).jpg
1952 advert for arts & crafts supplier George Fox of Byram Street, Huddersfield.
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S. Kendall of 6 Byram Street and 11 Wood Street, Huddersfield.jpg
Advertisement for painter and decorator S. Kendall (est. 1877) of 6 Byram Street and 11 Wood Street, Huddersfield, from Armchair Cricket: A Summary of Huddersfield Cricket (1937).
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