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Undated booklet (possibly published circa 1895) containing an illustrated description of Huddersfield along with details of Lockwood Brewery.
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Souvenir programme for the first Woodsome Village Pageant, organised by Lady Frances Charlotte Legge. It was held on Wednesday 27 June 1906 at Woodsome Hall, near Fenay Bridge, and helped to raise funds for the Girls' Friendly Society Homes.The…
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Undated wines and spirits catalogue for Bentley & Shaw Ltd.'s Lockwood Brewery.
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Small pocket booklet for the Rashcliffe Parish Communicants' Union, including the "Objects of Union" and "Rules of Life and Conduct for Communicants". The item belonged to Ellen Bower (1853-1940) of 15 Albany Terrace and is dated 28 May 1892. Ellen…
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