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Conservative Club, Armitage Bridge.jpg
Undated photograph of the Conservative Club (now demolished) at Armitage Bridge.
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Delivery note from John Brooke & Sons, Limited, of Armitage Bridge Mills, South Crosland, for goods to be transported via Berry Brow Station.
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Big Valley from Beaumont Park, Huddersfield.jpg
Undated postcard showing a view from Beaumont Park towards Armitage Bridge. Big Valley is usually regarded as an adjoining valley (not shown on the postcard) towards Netherton.
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Undated photograph looking down the valley towards Armitage Bridge, with Dungeon Mill in the foreground. The roofs of houses on Meltham Road are visible in the bottom right. Houses at Berry Brow can be seen on the middle left.
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Photograph of Armitage Bridge House, circa 1905.
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Hand-tinted postcard. Berry Brow is on the left of the photograph. On the far right is Armitage Bridge. The mill in the foreground is Dungeon Mill.
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