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Shaws (1971).jpg
1971 advertisement for Shaws of Huddersfield, established 1899.
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Lodges Supermarkets.jpg
1971 advertisement for Lodges Supermarkets of Huddersfield (John William Street), Marsh, Waterloo and Meltham.
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J.T. Ellis and Co. Limited.jpg
1971 advertisement for fitted kitchen specialists J.T. Ellis & Co. Ltd. of Crown Works, Wakefield Road, Huddersfield.
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G.R. Pickard and Son Limited.jpg
1971 advertisement for wine merchant G.R. Pickard & Son Ltd. of 87-89 Wakefield Road, Huddersfield.
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Programme for the 1971 Wooldale Methodist Sunday School anniversary service.
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Hymn pamphlet for Wooldale & District Sunday Schools of Wooldale Free Church and Wooldale Methodist Church service held on Saturday 26 June 1971. The service was followed by a gala held at the Sycamore Playing Fields, which included a piano…
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Huddersfield Railway Station [12].jpg
Photograph of the six columns fronting the main entrance to the railway station.
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