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1955 invoice from R.S. Dyson & Co. Ltd. of Colonial Buildings, Macaulay Street.
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Bentley Shaw Ltd., Lockwood Brewery (1955).jpg
1955 advert for brewery Bentley Shaw Ltd. of Lockwood Brewery.
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Baddeley Bros. Ltd., Northumberland Street, Huddersifeld (1955).jpg
1955 advert for coach hire firm Baddeley Bros. Ltd. of Northumberland Street, Huddersfield.
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Programme for "The Girl Who Couldn't Quite" at the Theatre Royal, Huddersfield. Although the year is now specified, it was most likely 1955 as by 1960, the Winter Garden Players had changed their name to the Theatre Royal Players.
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Programme for the Sunday School Anniversary service held on Sunday 15 May 1955.
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A four page leaflef for "Someone Waiting" by Emlyn Williams, which was performed at the Theatre Royal, Huddersfield, during the week commencing 27 June 1955. The play was performed by the Winter Garden Players and starred Nita Valerie. The pamphlet…
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An eight page programme for "Star Variety and Famous London Attractions" which was performed at the Theatre Royal, Huddersfield, in 1955. The pamphlet includes advertisements for: W.L. Beaumont of Henry Street, off Upperhead Row, Huddersfield (waste…
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