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Runaway Wreckage at Clayton West Oct 17 1913.jpg
Although dated 17 October 1913, the only newspaper reference located during research was to an accident which occurred on 28 October when a goods train laden with coal from the Hillhouse Sidings (en route to Clayton West) accidentally decoupled near…

Undated hand-coloured postcard, appearing to show moorland heather being burned in the Wessenden Valley.

Hand-coloured postcard showing Lockwood Viaduct with Meltham Junction in the foreground. The line going to the right is the Meltham Branch Line.

Hand-coloured postcard sent to Florrie Brown of Preston New Road, Blackburn.

Order note from fancy worsted manufacturers Kate & Stewart of Broadfield Mills, Lockwood, Huddersfield, to Gledhill & Roberts Ltd. of Honley.

Order note from Taylor and Littlewood Ltd. of Newsome Mills, Huddersfield, to Gledhill & Roberts Ltd. of Honley.

Order note from Tempest & Walker of Bradford to Littlewood Ltd. of Honley.

Godfrey Woodhead & Son of Slaithwaite.jpg
Invoice for chemical manufacturers Godfrey Woodhead & Son of Slaithwaite.

Northgate, Almondbury 1913.jpg
Photograph of Northgate, Almondbury. The young girl is stood outside the Post Office. The newspaper headline about the arrest of Harry Thaw dates the photograph to 1913.

Front cover of Holy Trinity, Huddersfield: Three Lectures on the History of the Church and Parish, 1819-1904 (1913) by Rev. A.S. Weatherhead. The book can be read online for free.