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Illustrated London News 29 April 1905.jpg
"THE HUDDERSFIELD RAILWAY SMASH: A TELESCOPED COACH. On April 21, while a London and North-Western engine, with two coaches, was being shunted out of Huddersfield Railway Station, it came into collision with the 1.50 train from Bradford. The first…

Mrs Pankhurst at Huddersfield - Leeds Mercury 23 November 1906.jpg
Newspaper photograph of Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, seated in a room of the Imperial Hotel, New Street, Huddersfield, in November 1906. She had come to the town to campaign during the by-election.

Dora Thewlis - Yorkshire Evening Post 27 March 1907.png
Drawing of Dora Thewlis published in the Yorkshire Evening Post (27/Mar/1907).

Photo postcard of the rediscovery in 1906 of the "wells" under the Market Place. The stamped caption reads: "Ancient Wells, which formerly supplied Huddersfield with Water. Just found under the Market Cross."

Holmfirth Flood.jpg
An unusual photo postcard from the early 1900s which appears to show a painted backdrop of the 1852 Holmfirth Flood with physical objects representing debris in the foreground. It was possibly published to mark the 50th anniversary of the flood.

Photo postcard of the lower entrance to Beaumont Park, taken from the Meltham Branch Line.

Photograph of the "Crowning of the May Queen" at the 1908 Woodsome Village Pageant at Woodsome Hall on 5 September.

Photograph of "Scape Goat Hill Board School Group II" dated 9 July 1902.

Photograph of "Scape Goat Hill Board School Group I" dated 9 July 1902.

omeka2899.National School, Skelmanthorpe, 17 Nov 1909.jpg
Photograph of the aftermath of the fire which destroyed the National School at Skelmanthorpe.

Coloured version of the Ordnance Survey 1908 Yorkshire Sheet CCLIX S.E. covering Marsden and and the northern section of the Wessenden Valley. At the time the map was surveyed, Butterley Reservoir was under construction and the temporary tramway for…

Coloured version of the Ordnance Survey 1908 Yorkshire Sheet CCXLVI S.E. covering central Huddersfield, Dalton, part of Edgerton, Fartown, Fartown Green, Highfield, Hillhouse, Moldgreen, and part of Rashcliffe.

Coloured version of the Ordnance Survey 1908 Yorkshire Sheet CCLX S.E. covering Brockholes, Honley, Netherthong, Thongsbridge and Thurstonland.

Coloured version of the Ordnance Survey 1907 Yorkshire Sheet CCLIX N.E. covering Slaithiwate, Deanhead Reservoir and Sparth Reservoir.

Coloured version of the Ordnance Survey 1908 Yorkshire Sheet CCLX S.W. covering Crosland Edge, Helme, Honley Wood, Meltham, Meltham Mills, Thick Hollins, and Wilshaw.

Lockwood National School.jpg
Photograph of the Standard II class of Lockwood National School, Salford, Lockwood. The chalk board appears to say "04" or possibly "07".

Crosland Moor C of E School 1907.jpg
Photograph of the children of Group 2, Crosland Moor Church of England School, from 1907.

Hand-tinted postcard of Lockwood Viaduct, with Meltham Branch Line in the foreground. The view is looking towards Newsome and Castle Hill.

Souvenir programme for the first Woodsome Village Pageant, organised by Lady Frances Charlotte Legge. It was held on Wednesday 27 June 1906 at Woodsome Hall, near Fenay Bridge, and helped to raise funds for the Girls' Friendly Society Homes.The…

Page scans of Owen Balmforth's short text Educational Funds: Their Necessity and Importance (1901).

Postcard of the Mag Valley (incorrectly named as the "May Valley"), looking towards Meltham from near Netherton.

Pamphlet for a "Grand Musical Service" featuring selections from "Elijah" held at Crosland Moor United Methodist Church on Sunday 24 November 1907. The back page features an advertisement for the music shop of J. Wood & Sons Ltd. of 67 New Street,…

Postcard showing one of the former pack horse roads above Marsden. The printing on the reverse of the card is misaligned. Sent to Mr. H. Gillgrass, Corporation Street, Preston, Lancashire.

George Garton & Son of Huddersfield.jpg
Invoice for plumbers George Garton & Son of Market Place and Kirkgate, Huddersfield.

George Garton & Son of Huddersfield [2].jpg
Invoice for plumbers George Garton & Son of Market Place and Kirkgate, Huddersfield.

Calvert & Co of Huddersfield.jpg
Letterhead for iron founders Calvert & Co. of Hope Foundary and Rashcliffe Iron Works, Huddersfield.

Hand-coloured postcard showing the western end of Bilberry Reservoir.

Fall Lane, Marsden.jpg
Undated photograph of Fall Lane, Marsden, taken by local photographer Joe Pinder (c.1832-1914) of Beaconsfield Place.

Hand-coloured postcard showing a stretch of Huddersfield/Meltham Road near Healey House, South Crosland.

Hillhouse Sidings near Huddersfield. Yorkshire Dragoons Loading Horses by Horne 1906.jpg
Photograph of horses being loaded at Hillhouse Sidings.

Photograph of the demolition of a chimney at Dyson's Mill, near Holmfirth, on 8 September 1906.

Illustration from a March 1906 edition of the Huddersfield Examiner. The popular narrative that the scheme to build a water reservoir under the Market Place was abandoned as a folly after "the astounding discovery was made that water would not run…

An illustration mocking the Suffragettes by Bernard Partridge from Punch (05/Dec/1906). Just seven months later, 26-year-old Victor Grayson, standing as an Independent Labour candidate with the support of the Suffragettes, won a sensational victory…

Hand-tinted postcard of the section of Meltham Road (now Huddersfield Road) passing through Hall Heys in South Crosland, looking towards Meltham.

Postcard of Grimescar Woods from the early 1900s. The location is probably here: Google Street View

1904 photograph captioned: "Golcar. Embankment washed away by Storm (July 24. 1904)".

1905 Christmas card sent by Mr & Mrs Sanderson of Bank House, Market Place, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family.

Photograph of 16-year-old suffragette Dora Thewlis (born in Meltham Mills) being arrested in London in March 1907, published in the Daily Mirror.

1902 Christmas card sent by May Culley of Bradford Road, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family.

1902 Christmas card sent by Gertie Swallow of Grenville House, Birkby, to the Pyrah family.

1907 Christmas card sent by Mr and Mrs W. P. MacGirr of Mayfield, Fartown, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family.

Hand-coloured postcard of West Nab and the moors above Meltham.

Hand-tinted postcard of Huddersfield Railway Station.

Photograph of Berry Brow Station. The original station was sited nearer to Lockwood than the present day station. Behind the passenger footbridge is the road bridge which still carries Station Lane over the Penistone Line.
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