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Mount, Hillhouse.png
Detail from the 1890 O.S. Town Plan of the area once known as Mount or Ark Hill Mound, which is suspected to be the location of an early motte and bailey castle.

Photograph of the "Standard II" class at an unknown school by photographer George Holdsworth (1864-1940) of Hepworth. Holdsworth travelled around the country, so the school may not be local.

Castle Hill.jpg
Photograph of the corner stone laying ceremony for Victoria Tower, Castle Hill, held on Saturday 25 June 1898. The stone was laid by Sir J.W. Ramsden's son, John Frecheville Ramsden.

Damaged invoice from willow merchant and basket & skep maker, Charles Haigh of Manchester Road, Huddersfield.

Victoria Tower, Stone Laying Ceremony.jpg
Reproduced by Philip Ahier's book "The Story of Castle Hill" (1946). The photograph is captioned: "R.W. Harper, Sir J.F. Ramsden, Sir J.A. Brooke, I. Hordern, E. Brooke, Sir John W. Rasmden, W.H. Jessop".

Small pocket booklet for the Rashcliffe Parish Communicants' Union, including the "Objects of Union" and "Rules of Life and Conduct for Communicants". The item belonged to Ellen Bower (1853-1940) of 15 Albany Terrace and is dated 28 May 1892. Ellen…

Grove Mills, Longwood.jpg
Letterhead of Grove Mills, Longwood, circa 1890, when William Shaw & Sons occupied the mills.

Portrait of Sir Joseph Crosland, the Member of Parliament for Huddersfield from 1893 to 1895. The item was presented with the "Huddersfield Ha'porth" in June 1892.

Firth & Wilson of Huddersfield.jpg
Letterhead for wholesale grocers Firth & Wilson of Bradley Street South and King Street, Huddersfield.

Engraving by copper plate engraver Thomas Kendal (1849-1915) of Huddersfield from The History of Huddersfield and its Vicinity (1898) by D.F.E. Sykes.

Illustration of Isaac Jones' winning design for the Jubilee Tower, Castle Hill. The accompanying article is: CASTLE HILL TOWER, HUDDERSFIELD. On Saturday last, the 25th inst., the foundation-stone of this building was laid by Mr. J. Frecheville…

Programme for the installation of stone and timber merchant John Pyrah (father of Jessie Louise Pyrah) as the Worshipful Master of the Huddersfield Lodge of Truth on 3 December 1897.

Christmas card sent in 1895 from Mr and Mrs Thomas Mellor of Fartown Lodge to the Pyrah family.

1894 Ordnance Survey map showing the short-lived Harden Moss Racecourse, situated above Meltham and Holmfirth on the Greenfield Road. Solicitor Frederick Robert Jones (1814-1896) had hoped to build a racecourse next to his "model farm" at Harden Moss…

1894 OS map showing the location of the Rifle Butts 1,000 yard rifle range on Crosland Moor, used by the local Volunteer Rifle Corps in the late 1800s. Presumably anyone using Sandy Lane (which runs up to the Sands House Inn) would have been dodging…

Photograph from the Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society (01/Oct/1899) - The Carlile Institute at Meltham.