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Plan Shewing Discoveries in 1865-6 at Slack.jpg
Illustration for "On the Roman Station at Slack" in Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal (1870).
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Invoice from E. Graham of Manchester Road and Bank Yard to grocer Thornton Stringer of Sheepridge. This was probably grocer and sub postmaster Elliott Graham who was born circa 1831 in Honley but was living at Longroyd Bridge in 1871.
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Engraving from the Illustrated London News (06/Jun/1874). NEW BRIDGE AT HUDDERSFIELD. This flourishing town of the West Riding of Yorkshire, with, its great woollen manufacture, has grown rich enough for ornamental as well as useful public works. Its…
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Photograph of the Sweeps Arms on Kirkgate, likely taken in the late 1870s.
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1877 advert for John Sykes & Sons, Turnbridge Machine Works, from the Textile Manufacturers journal.
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Engraving by C. Fenn of the Ramsden Estate Buildings from Thomas Baines' Yorkshire, Past and Present: A History and a Description of the Three Ridings of the Great County of York (volume 2, part 2), published in 1875. The illustration is of interest…
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1870s lithograph of Lockwood Brewery.
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Illustration from the Building News (27/Jul/1877). Huddersfield Corporation acquired the market rights from the Ramsden Estate in 1876 and then ran a competition to design a new market hall to be situated on King Street. Architect George Edmund…
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1879 map showing the extent of Dungeon Wood and the proposed section to be included in Beaumont Park (shaded in a darker grey). The map has been kindly provided by the Friends of Beaumont Park. The map was prepared by the Borough Surveyor, John Henry…
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From The Architect (04/Feb/1871). Further details:
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